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Why do kids see a podiatrist? The common and the rare, life-threatening reasons….


Not so long, I interviewed Shay McClurg, a Queensland based podiatrist who runs 4 podiatry clinics. She talked about some of the most common reasons for parents to bring their child in to see a podiatrist. Here’s the video:

In the video, Shay points out that for:
1.    Infants – often they are brought in because of a family history of foot problems, or they have been diagnosed with a hip or knee problem
2.    Toddlers – they are often brought in because of a “funny walk” or a ‘’funny looking foot”
3.    Young children – they trip over a lot, wear their shoes in a funny way, or won’t walk because they have pain
4.    Teenagers – over-use or sporting injuries, muscle pain, knee pain, foot pain, infected toenails (especially in teen-age boys!!)

Shay also then went on to talk about two more rare/extreme cases where she saw children who had become socially withdrawn due to a foot problem leading to not being able to participate in sport, and another case of a child who had potentially life-threatening bone cancer.

Amanda – Founder My Health Career

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