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Get in early and take advantage of our growth. Our website reached over 150,000 unique visitors in 2015, and 280,000 in 2016. Here are the annual numbers:

2016 annual

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This is your opportunity to reach the audience of Australia’s first website dedicated to prospective health students, current health students and health practitioners who realize that they are part of a multidisciplinary team. My Health Career also has a following of career development practitioners, guidance counsellors and careers advisers, and My Health Career is offering advertising rates to reach this audience that are great value!

In 2017 we are offering innovative online options that you just won’t find anywhere else. If you want to work with us in a way that isn’t covered in our media kit, let us know. We’re open to ideas. It is extremely powerful to have us promote your brand to prospective health students, practice owners, health professionals and organisations in the health industry!

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