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The road to becoming a podiatric surgeon


Did you know that there are podiatric surgeons out there who perform surgeries of the foot and ankle? They might provide treatment for conditions including structural deformities, bone spurs, skin and nail conditions, and injuries.

To become a podiatric surgeon involves having clinical experience in podiatry, completing a Masters, and completing a podiatric surgery Fellowship with the Australasian College of Podiatric Surgeons (ACPS). Alternately, there is a Doctor of Podiatric Surgery program at the University of Western Australia. It is a possible career progression for podiatrists, as becoming a podiatrist is the first step in this pathway.

The Podiatry Board of Australia has further information regarding the registration standards for podiatric surgeons available here.

4 replies to “The road to becoming a podiatric surgeon”

  1. There is another pathway to becoming a Podiatric Surgeon in Australia. The University of Western Australia offers a Doctor of Clinical Podiatry post graduate degree which trains you as a Podiatric Surgeon. Visit the AHPRA site and UWA site. At least this way you have a Clinical Doctorate qualification, rather than just ‘fellowship’ of the Australasian College of Podiatric Surgeons.

  2. hi, I’m currently studying bachelors of podiatric medicine at University of Western Sydney. I want to become a podiatric surgeon in the near future. Could you please tell me what is needed to be done after, to become a podiatric surgeon? or if there is another alternate faster way to becoming a podiatric surgeon rather than finishing the 4 years at Uni and extra 2 years for honours and then studying podiatric surgery?

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