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Getting to know the podiatry scope of practice


Podiatry deals with the study, diagnosis, and treatment of disorders that affect the foot, ankle, and lower extremity. While most people are aware that podiatrists work with the feet, it is also worth pointing out that they also work with the entire lower limb.

Recently we interviewed podiatrist Wayne Pugh, who gave an overview about 8 of the areas of interest in podiatry:

1.    Nail surgery
2.    Kids (paediatrics)
3.    Forensic podiatry – helping to solve a crime
4.    Work cover / insurance – e.g. injuries that happen in the workplace
5.    Aged care
6.    Wound care for diabetes
7.    Biomechanics – not just for sports people!!
8.    Podiatric surgery (with further study)

For more videos about a career in podiatry, check out


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