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4 different career paths from recent pharmacy graduates


Earlier this month we published an article from 2012 pharmacy graduate Rita about things that pharmacy students need to consider when choosing an internship. Rita has also pointed out a video that was put together by some of her classmates, where they talk about what they’ve been doing professionally since graduating as pharmacists.

In the video, you will be able to follow the career story of Amanda who has become a researcher and community pharmacist, Yang a drug rep, Corinna a hospital pharmacist and Daniel, a community pharmacist who is also a Pharmaceutical Officer in the Army. They also offer advice for new grads in getting your foot in the door in the pharmaceutical industry.


2 replies to “4 different career paths from recent pharmacy graduates”

  1. Thanks for the sharing the information about Pharmacy.Pharmacists have more opportunities than ever before – but also more responsibility. Pharmacists are becoming more active in drug therapy decision-making for all patients.

  2. Hi Alison,
    We have asked Rita about contacting these people, and she said they’d be approachable and that you could try via LinkedIn. Rita has also said that she will put together a response for you too.
    MHC :-)

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