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The enhancement process to the Better Access to Mental Health endorsement for OTs

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After reviewing the processes for endorsement and ongoing participation in the Better Access to Mental Health (BAMH) scheme, the Board of Occupational Therapy Australia introduced changes in respect to the application for endorsement process. The aim of the processes, which have been introduced in December 2015, are as follows:

  • To enhance the pathway into the scheme, especially in respect to helping therapists to be practice-ready when transitioning
  • To support therapists currently in the scheme to demonstrate that they meet the existing supervision and Better Access Mental Health Continuing Professional Development requirements.

The changes are a response to concerns and suggestions made by endorsers who have raised the importance and value of the occupational therapy contribution to BAMHS, in addition to highlight the need to support the occupational therapists practice.

All future endorsed BAMH providers will need to demonstrate at least six months of the required two years supervised BAMH-relevant practice experience. To be eligible for initial endorsement/ongoing endorsement, OTs will also need to demonstrate access to supervision on application, and additionally through a request for evidence of engagement at audit time.

Following are the endorsement processes since December 2015:

  • Applicants provide a supervisor referee statement, along with the current required Summary CV evidence.
  • Applicants give an evidence of BAMH Relevant recent practical knowledge and experience, along with relevant CPD
  • Applicants provide a supervision plan as part of the application process.
  • Endorsees will be reminded of the requirement for ongoing evidence of professionally based supervision
  • Additional requirement for evidence of supervision engagement at audit time.

The changes will affect OTs who have not yet been endorsed for practice under BAMH but are in the process of applying or who apply from December 2015. Those who are currently endorsed under the scheme will not be affected by the changes.

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