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Six places where you might find an occupational therapist

Occupational Therapy

The University of British Columbia’s Master’s of Occupational Therapy class of 2014 made a video titled “The Many Faces of Occupational Therapists” to illustrate what OTs do and where they work. If you are considering to becoming an OT, one of these locations might be where you’ll be working.

1.  Children’s Hospital
The task includes helping premature babies and the parents to care for them, also designing special bottles for babies with trouble feeding.

2.  Schools
Find ways to help children to pay better attention in class, including helping them to set a picture schedule, providing a bouncy chair for children who have extra energy, etc.

3.  Community Health Centre
For example, helping people with mental illness to find a job that’s perfect for them, figuring out their strength and how to manage stress

4.  Rehabilitation
Helping spinal cord injury patients to choose the perfect wheelchair, adapting their cars and help them to master driving skill to go wherever they need to go

5.  General Hospital
Helping patients who experience injury to care for themselves

6.  Aged Care
Keeping a calendar to deal with their weak memories

Start your tour of six common health care facilities for OTs in the video below:

Image: Stefan_Schranz – pixabay


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