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Mental health OTs overlooked in mental health management

Occupational Therapy

According to a news item published by Occupational Therapy Australia (OTA), most mental health occupational therapists found that they are being overlooked when clients need mental health intervention. Instead of considering mental health OTs as part of the client management, other OT colleagues tend to refer their clients to a psychologist.

According to OTA, Mental health OTs use a range of psychological strategies from the field of occupational therapy and other health professionals to assist clients. They work with people who are struggling with emotions, adverse life circumstances, stress and maladaptive coping or roles, while also helping people suffering with a clinically diagnosed mental health condition.

The concerns were revealed in the news item when OT Australia discussed webinar presentation with mental health OTs. They identified the issue as a blind spot that exists in OT profession. They will explore this blind spot case in order to share the diversity and offer some assistants for OT colleagues in framing or formulating clinical cases of the clients’ complex issues.

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