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Driver Trained Occupational Therapists

Occupational Therapy

Driver Trained Occupational Therapists (DTOT) specialise in driver assessment and rehabilitation. This is to assist people with medical or disability related difficulties which impact on the client’s ability to drive a car. Some OTs also do additional training to assess the ability for clients to drive heavy vehicles such as trucks.

There are three main roles of a DTOT….
1.    To assess the impact a client’s medical condition or disability has on their ability to drive safely.
2.    To prescribe, monitor and evaluate strategies to improve the safety of the client’s ability to drive (if it is possible for them to drive).
3.    To liaise with and report the assessment findings to other relevant parties, such as the client’s general practitioner or the government body who oversees driver licensing.

These roles vary on a case by case basis, but might include tasks such as:

  • doing a pre-driving evaluation of the client’s physical and cognitive abilities
  • doing an on-road practical driving assessment
  • prescribing vehicle modifications
  • arranging driver training or programs

For more information about DTOTs, check out the Occupational Therapy Australia website:



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