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#FOANed growing for free open access nursing education


If you’re a social media user, you may have seen the hashtag #FOANed being used recently. It’s a movement where nurses are posting Free Open Access Nursing education.

We are lucky to have the drivers of this hashtag right here in our backyard in Australia. Three of the top contributors to #FOANed this week have been Ian Miller from The Nurse Path, nurse educator Jesse Spurr, and 2012 graduate nurse Laurie Bickhoff from Defining Nursing.


This week Aus Nurse Educator posted a pic showing the contributors to #FOANed


Ian Miller has encouraged nurses to use the #FOANed hashtag:


We asked Ian to comment about why he has been driving the #FOANed hashtag. He said that if well promoted, it will have an “immense impact on future nursing education & internurse support.” He also said:


Laurie Bickhoff has been using the hashtag when posting about some of the issues faced by nurses:


Jesse Spurr has been retweeting posts to ensure the hashtag is being used:


To get involved, all you need to do is add the #FOANed hashtag to posts on social media such as (Facebook, Twitter or your blog) that involve free open access nursing education. Create your own posts, share or retweet!

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