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ANMF National Graduate Nurse & Midwife Roundtable looking to secure jobs for graduates


The Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation (ANMF) is bringing together nursing leaders and key industry stakeholders for roundtable discussions on securing employment opportunities for more than 3,000 Australian nursing and midwifery graduates unable to find jobs.

Federal Secretary of the ANMF, Lee Thomas, has said that the ongoing lack of employment opportunities for graduates remains one of the profession’s biggest workforce issues, with up to 40% of nursing & midwifery graduates without permanent employment across the country.

Ms Thomas said ““At a time when Australia faces a growing shortage of nurses and midwives, it’s simply appalling that so many graduates are unable to find work and many feel they have no option than to walk away from their chosen profession.”

“It’s now crucial that we find solutions for Australian graduates and continue to advocate for funding and structural changes across the industry to secure greater employment opportunities and increase the supply of a highly-educated, skilled labour force into the health and aged care sectors. In aged care alone, an extra 20,000 nurses are desperately needed to meet the challenges of a rapidly-ageing population,” Ms Thomas explained.

Posting from the roundtable event, the Australian Student and Novice Nurses Association representatives are clearly frustrated at discussions about graduate nurses not being 100% workforce ready:

Interesting that the Universities, the Council of Deans, the Nursing and Midwifery Boards, the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Accreditation Council, and the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Authority (AHPRA), all deem Graduates/Novices to be competent and ready to become registered as a nurse – Why then do we keep hearing the discussion about graduates not being work ready! Today we have heard again from our nursing leaders – stop the rhetoric! No graduate from any University is 100% ready.

We need to stop undermining our graduates, and instead instil belief in their abilities/skills.

The ANMF’s National Graduate Nurse and Midwife Roundtable is taking place at the NSW Nurses and Midwives Association’s offices today in the Sydney suburb of Waterloo.
My Health Career stories about the nursing grad jobs crisis:

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7 replies to “ANMF National Graduate Nurse & Midwife Roundtable looking to secure jobs for graduates”

  1. Dear My Health Career
    ‘Graduate Nurses Network’ administrator also participated to represent unemployed new graduates across the country in this Roundtable Talk in last December 2014.
    In fact since the creation of ‘Graduate Nurses Network” Facebook page in March 2013, page administrator has been constant collaboration and discussions with the NSWNMA staff to encourage NSWNMA to take a lead to bring new graduate nurses unemployment which now reaches high proportion in all Australian states.
    We would like you to consider our contribution and our participation in this round table discussion. We also welcome you to visit our FB page and make comments about how your current views about the local new graduate unemployment vs government’s 457 visa to open doors to getting overseas nurses employed by the health system instead of utilising already educated graduate nurses who are struggling to secure employment.
    Looking forward to your response.
    Thank you
    Kind regards
    Graduate Nurses Network
    Bea Koc


    Community run campaign page
    We are also visible on Twitter

    1. Hi Bea,
      Perhaps in future you could send us alerts so that we know what you’re up to. This would help with enabling us to include your contribution in our articles in the future.
      Please email updates to
      Thanks so much!
      Amanda – Founder MHC.

    2. Dear Amanda

      Thank you very much for your prompt reply, we really appreciate your interest in our work, absolutely we will do that.
      Now you know where we are and what we are doing, our collaboration will be assured,
      You are welcome to share our details in your future articles or updates,
      Best regards
      Bea Koc
      Graduate Nurses Network

  2. The projected shortage of 100,000+ nurses. Will these roles need to be filled by RN’s and EN’s. Or might AIN’s and personal care assistants be suitable for a bulk of the related workload?

    While government responses are evident in the number of funded graduate and experienced nursing positions, what are the reasons for why governments are not increasing the number of positions? It is hard to believe that we can simply portray their response as evidence of ‘stupid governments that just don’t care’, be they Liberal/National or Labour.

    I’ve read a fair bit of commentary stating that many new-grads just aren’t up-to the standards that health services expect of them. What are some of the common deficiencies which health services are identifying in new-grads? And has anyone suggestions for how to address these deficiencies?

    Thank you for any insight.

  3. hi I am a new graduate and what I am finding when applying for all the positions even in aged care that we need a minimum off 12months experience before we are employable I want to know how are we to get this experience if no one will give us a job

    1. Hi Dawn,

      Unfortunately we hear that a lot.

      We’re putting together an article on what’s happening out there for new graduate nurses. Would you like to submit your story? Perhaps include what type jobs you’ve applied for and why you’ve been knocked back?

      If you would like to be included in the article, please send your thoughts to

      Many thanks,


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