Cardiologist in a truck becomes the Heart of Australia

The Heart of Australia is a 25 metre clinic on a truck that is the brainchild of Dr Rolf Gomes, a Brisbane cardiologist. He had been moved by his concern about the lack of cardiac care in rural and remote areas, and the difficulties undertaken by rural people to access adequate health service.

Heart of AustraliaCompared to people who live in major cities, those living in the rural and remote areas are 44 per cent more likely to die from cardiovascular disease. By providing an easy access to what could be life saving appointment, Heart of Australia is a genuine game changer to health and life of rural Australians.

Dr Rolf Gomes’ vision to bring the capital city levels of care in the remote areas is strongly driven by his gratitude and devotion to his adopted homeland. As a small boy brought by his parents to seek a better life, he said that Australia has given him everything, so it’s now to do something that benefit Australians for the generation to come.

The Heart of Australia has reached rural and remote areas of southern Queensland and will continue to other regional areas. Click here to see the locations, and click here if you are a GP wanting to refer a patient.

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