Australian Doctor’s Spouse Network meetups in the park in February

Australian Doctor's Spouse Network Amanda LowWe love what the crew at the Australian Doctor’s Spouse Network are doing, so we thought we would get co-founder Amanda Low to let you know what social events they have coming up around Australia in February.

“The Australian Doctor’s Spouse Network (ADSN) is a platform for social networking and helpful resources for medical and surgical spouses all around Australia.

As we are now into the majority of the new hospital rotations, ADSN has organised a number of meet ups for medical spouses to meet and socialise with other medical spouses and their families.  ADSN has meet ups in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Canberra, Newcastle and Wollongong.

So if you are new in town, get down to the specified park and meet some others in the same situation! And it’s not only for the new families! It’s important that new spouses feel welcomed and get the support they need from local spouses, so come along, meet and greet and offer some local advice, which is so valuable to a new person in town, who may not know anyone, yet. There will be great giveaways too!

For more information on ADSN’s Meet ups in the Park, check out their Facebook events page
and their forums page.

Become a member here – It’s free!!”

Australian Doctors Spouse Network picnics February 2015

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