Mindfulness for health professionals – by Dr Kathryn Choules (PhD) and Dr Samantha Clarke (PhD)

Kathryn Choules

Due to my own developing interest in mindfulness in my own practice as an optometrist, and for the wider community of health practitioners, I thought it was worth asking mindfulness teachers and psychologists about how health practitioners can be mindful in their practice and interactions with patients. I was fortunate enough to receive responses from [Read More…]

Kindness and compassion to avoid practitioner burnout and aid patient healing

compassion for health care providers

A Stanford University study suggested that a lack of compassion in health professionals not only affect patients who experience their unkind behavior from their practitioner, but also induces stress and burnout to the health providers themselves. The study examined possible practical steps to increase compassion, thereby benefitting both provider well-being and patient care. This study [Read More…]

Quick Ways to Ground Yourself with Difficult Clients in Session – by Psychologist Dr Samantha Clarke

Samantha Clarke

We asked psychologist Dr Samantha Clarke for her tips on tips on how therapists can stay in mindful awareness when working with clients. Here’s what she said: Take a moment to become aware of your breath. Practice your mindful breathing and allow yourself to stay with 3 slow long breaths. Take the pressure off, remember [Read More…]

Mindful nurses perform better

mindfulness effective for nurses

Mindfulness really does work for nurses, according to a review led by Laurence Guillaumie PhD. Work-related stress among nurses is estimated to be the biggest occupational health problem after musculoskeletal disorders. The study, A mixed-methods systematic review of the effects of mindfulness on nurses, reviewed 32 studies published between 1980 and 2014, including 17 controlled [Read More…]

Mindfulness practice in nutrition counselling – by Sylvia North, dietitian

Sylvia North

“I strongly believe that a personal mindfulness practice plays an absolute pillar role in being an effective practitioner. Naturally, the health care industry draws empathetic and caring individuals who seek out a career in health because they want to help people. We’re lucky to have a lovely skilled workforce of people who are willing to [Read More…]

When the world seems upside-down – mindfulness in audiology practice by Jessica Blakely

mindfulness in audiology

Audiology is an area not many people are familiar with, and even if you are somewhat familiar with it, you may think Audiologists only deal with hearing issues and hearing aids. However another very important part of the ear is the inner ear balance system called the vestibular system. The vestibular system is pretty incredible. [Read More…]

“Selfless Selfishness” – Putting yourself first financially IS caring for others – by Anthony Moncada

Anthony Moncada

I recently asked a fellow financial planner about her “mission” as a professional. Expecting the run of the mill warm and fuzzy response about making the world a better place I was surprised by her response (paraphrased): “Number one, make a profit. Secondly, help my clients achieve x, y, z…..” My colleague went on to [Read More…]

Is mindfulness for everyone? What do psychologists have to say?

mindfulness benefits and side effects

Despite of the fact that mindfulness has been seen an ascendency in popularity due to the fast pace of our modern lives and increasingly recommended by professionals in the therapy arena, some practitioners and scientists began to question whether mindfulness is really effective as a therapeutic technique. An article by UK psychologists Miguel Farias and [Read More…]

Practicing mindfulness as a health practitioner – by Jennifer Smallridge, AEP

Jennifer Smallridge

As an Accredited Exercise Physiologist, I am fortunate enough to have a diverse and physically active day, as I take people through various exercises and forms of physical activity. I first came across mindfulness as part of my personal yoga involvement, and it soon became a necessary element of my work-life balance. When you work [Read More…]

Putting the focus on mindfulness… an optometrist view … by Susan Ang

Susan Ang

Australians rank losing their sight as one of their top fears in life, and being optometrists we are often their ‘go to person’ if there are eye issues. With this underlying responsibility, we have to make accurate judgements under time pressure as well as create an empathetic environment for our patients. I often feel my [Read More…]

ADA submission on AHPRA complaints mechanism

ada complaint processes submission

The Australian Dental Association has made a submission in response to the senate’s Inquiry into the Implementation and Regulation of the Complaints Mechanisms administered under the Health Practitioners Regulation National Law (National Law). The submission provides details in relation to concerns about the impact of vexatious complaints and the time taken to bring complaint investigations [Read More…]

Will pharmacists continue to be paid penalty rates on Sundays and public holidays?

pharmacist wages and remuneration

The Fair Work Commission’s decision on penalty rates and other conditions in selected industries has hit workers in many professions, including pharmacists. The Pharmaceutical Society of Australia stated its concern that the new rule which cuts Sundays and public holiday penalty rates may lead to pharmacists who work on weekends and public holidays to be [Read More…]

UMAT 2017 will be held on 26 July. Register now!

umat 2017 registrations

The Undergraduate Medicine and Health Sciences Admission Test (UMAT) is required for undergraduate admission to many courses throughout Australia and New Zealand in the fields of medicine and dentistry. The results from UMAT 2017 can only be used for undergraduate medicine or health science courses beginning in 2018.   Sasha Tymoshenko, UMAT and Education Specialist [Read More…]

New AHPRA podiatry registrant data released

registered podiatry data december 2016

There are almost 5,000 podiatrists registered in Australia, with many being aged between 25-29 years, according to the data in the Podiatry Board of Australia’s 1 October 2016 – 31 December 2016 registrant report. Of the 4,805 podiatrists in Australia, 4,666 are in general practice, 31 general and specialists, and 108 non-practising podiatrists. Age group [Read More…]

Can the redistribution of medical school solve the problems in training places shortage?

solution to medical training places shortage

The Australian Medical Association (AMA) has provided strong comment on the Government’s assessment of the distribution of medical school places across the country, stating that greater funding is needed to ensure an adequate flow of fully-trained doctors, especially to rural and remote areas. The AMA has said that they are open to the redistribution of [Read More…]

Dietitians launch Reconciliation Action Plan to ‘close the gap’

reconciliation action plan launched by DAA

The Dietitians Association of Australia (DAA) is taking action to close the gap by launching the Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP). Reflect RAP marks DAA’s commitment to building the relationships, respect and opportunities essential to reconciliation. The DAA President, Liz Kellett, unveiled the program with General Manager of the RAP, Darryl Monaghan on 21 February [Read More…]

Believe in Change says Australian Psychological Society

APS believe in change campaign

The Australian Psychological Society (APS) has launched Believe in Change, a campaign encouraging Australians to seek psychological assistance for mental health and life issues. The campaign emphasizes that change is possible and psychological assistance is there to help so no one should be struggling alone. According to the APS, millions of Australians with mental health [Read More…]

Opportunity to join WOFT international reviewer team

volunteering in WFOT education review

If you are an occupational therapist and care about entry-level occupational therapy education, the World Federation of Occupational Therapists (WOFT) invites you to volunteer on an International team to review occupational therapy entry-level educational programmes. The review is part of the WFOT educational programmes approval process. Those who nominate are expected to: Have at least [Read More…]

Turnbull Government considering unfreezing Medicare rebates

Lifting the Medicare rebate freeze

Health Minister Greg Hunt appears to be considering a deal with the Australian Medical Association and the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners to unwind the Medicare rebate freeze. Minister Hunt says he and Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull will review the rebate in a move that could cost more than $3 billion. There’s a speculation [Read More…]

24 hour support service for nurses and midwives has launched

nurse & midwife support

Turning Point, an Australian leading addiction treatment, research and education organisation, has launched first national health and support service for nurses and midwives in Australia, called Nurse & Midwife Support. The service is an initiative of Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia (NMBA) to provide education and support on health impairment as defined in the [Read More…]

Queensland health students – applications to Grow Rural close 7th April

Grow rural Queensland

The Grow Rural program has opened an opportunity to taste how life is as a health professional in rural Queensland. By joining the 2017 cohort, you will visit Central Queensland and experience a farm stay, see a cattle property, attend a community trivia night, as well as undertake clinical skills training sessions. This is one [Read More…]

Artificial intelligence vs ophthalmologist grading of diabetic retinopathy

algorithm to detect diabetic retinopathy

A team of researchers from the US has examined the performance of an automated deep learning algorithm compared with manual grading by ophthalmologists for identifying diabetic retinopathy in retinal fundus photographs. The algorithm was evaluated at two operating points selected for high specificity and high sensitivity, in two validation sets of 9963 images and 1748 [Read More…]

2015/16 summaries of AHPRA registration and notification information across Australia

AHPRA registration and notification report

The Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency has published the 2015/16 annual report summaries for each state and territory which offering insights into how the National Registration and Accreditation Scheme is operating across Australia. Of the 657,621 health practitioners registered in Australia in 2015/16: New South Wales had the largest number of registered health practitioners, at [Read More…]

RACGP president hits back at claims that future doctors may not prepared to provide physical activity counselling

physical activity training in medical school curricula

The University of Sydney and Exercise & Sports Science Australia (ESSA) collaborated to survey 17 of the 19 medical schools in Australia to assess how physical activity (PA) training is implemented across medical school curricula. The study found that almost half of all medical schools surveyed (42.9%) reporting the level of PA training was “insufficient” [Read More…]

New index to examine geographic supply of clinical health workforce for Indigenous Australians

spatial distribution of clinical health workforce

The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare utilised a new measure for its report, Spatial distribution of the supply of the clinical health workforce 2014: relationship to the distribution of the Indigenous population. The measure is Geographically-adjusted Index of Relative Supply (GIRS), which was developed to overcome limitations in using relatively simple provider-to-population ratios to [Read More…]

Should Australia introduce a sugar tax to combat obesity?

sugar tax to reduce obesity

To help recoup some of the costs of obesity to the community, Grattan Institute in its report, A sugary drinks tax: recovering the community costs of obesity, suggests that Australia should introduce a tax on sugary drinks. Excessive consumption of unhealthy foods, including sugar-sweetened beverages (SSBs), not only causes long-term problems for consumers, but also [Read More…]

Exercise Physiology interventions give over 10:1 benefit to cost ratio

exercise physiologist interventions save money

Exercise & Sports Science Australia (ESSA) engaged Deloitte Access Economics to quantify the value of accredited exercise physiologists from the perspective of consumers in Australia. And according to the report, The value of accredited exercise physiologists to consumers in Australia, working with the right expert can not only save lives, but also saves money. CEO [Read More…]

Australian Dental Association priorities for the 2017-18 Federal Budget

ADA pre-budget submission 2017

The Australian Dental Association (ADA) has released a pre-budget submission, the Australian Dental Health Plan (ADHP), as a sustainable funding model for dental care. According to the ADA, implementation of the ADHP would enable all Australians to access equitable, timely and appropriate oral healthcare. The overall dental and general health of the community would be [Read More…]

Feedback sought on a proposed revision to therapeutic endorsement for optometrists

Optometry Board endorsement for scheduled medicines consultation

The Optometry Board of Australia opens public consultation on endorsement for scheduled medicines registration standard and guidelines for use of scheduled medicines. The Board is inviting comments on the proposed revised registration standard and guidelines. The proposed revised registration standard and guidelines would be clearer and easier to understand. The Board-approved list of scheduled medicines [Read More…]

Changes to emergency contraception medicines for pharmacists

emergency contraception guide for pharmacists

Following changes to emergency contraception (EC) medicines in Australia, ulipristal is now approved for supply as EC up to 120 hours after unprotected intercourse. And as of 1 February 2017, pharmacists have been able to supply ulipristal to women as a Pharmacist-Only (Schedule 3) medicine. The Pharmaceutical Society of Australia has updated its detailed guidelines [Read More…]