Leading Darwin surgeon claims lack of funding as cause of preventable dental infections, ADA NT president says the problem might be broader than that

neck infections in Darwin

Most cases of emergency medical treatment for deep neck infections at Royal Darwin Hospital could have been avoided with early dental treatment, according to a recent study. The research, spearheaded by Dr Mahiban Thomas, a head and neck surgeon and also Chair of the NT Regional Committee of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (RACS), [Read More…]

Government announces $1 million budget in support of eye health and diabetes

diabetes funding

The federal government has announced a $1 million dollar budget for Diabetes Australia to develop the Preserve Sight program. Being implemented in partnership with Vision 2020 Australia, Oculo and many other eye health and diabetes sectors, this initiative aims to track eye health through a national electric eye health record. It also includes an alert [Read More…]

5 facts all health professionals need to know about opioid drugs

health insurance

Opioid drug addictions are a growing problem around the world. Earlier on this year, in response to concerns that Australia is headed down the same path, the Therapeutic Goods Administration published a consultation paper into this issue.  They report that Australia and other countries are seeing unprecedented numbers of overdoses from legally prescribed opioid drugs. [Read More…]

Selective editing of reviews: illegal or not? AHPRA draws the line

illegal testimonials AHPRA

In light of a recent incident where an organisation was publishing only positive reviews from consumers, AHPRA has published further guidance for advertisers of regulated health services to clarify which review or testimonial editing practices are deemed illegal. AHPRA stressed on the importance of advertisers being responsible of their advertising obligations in accordance with the [Read More…]

Two pathways for podiatrists to be endorsed for the use of scheduled medicines

Podiatry therapeutics 2018

The Podiatry Board of Australia has implemented the revised registration standard for endorsement of scheduled medicines. The Board allocated a three month preparation period which started in May 2018 to allow podiatrists to be familiar with the changes prior to its implementation. Last updated on 1 July 2010, the new registration standards offers better wording [Read More…]

Physiotherapists urged to be ready for CPD audit

Physiotherapy CPD

The Physiotherapy Board of Australia released a poster detailing the steps physiotherapists need to take to be ready for a CPD audit. The initiative stressed the importance of continuous professional development (CPD) by reminding physiotherapists about meeting their obligations, specifically CPD requirements, for annual registration. The Board urges practitioners to be audit-ready and has outlined [Read More…]

ADNet to accelerate research for the prevention and treatment of Dementia

Australian Dementia Network ADNet

On 2nd July 2018, the Turnbull Government announced plans of the establishment of the Australian Dementia Network (ADNet). ADNet, once established will be considered as the largest single research program to be funded to date through the Government’s Boosting Dementia Research Initiative. Spearheaded by Professor Christopher Rowe of Austin Health, ADNet commits to facilitate high-quality [Read More…]

Are prisoners getting the mental health care they deserve?

mental health for prisoners

In light of the momentum given to the issue of mental health in the federal budget, and reports of a psychiatric patient being kept in prison because of a lack of appropriate high security mental health facilities, several health industry organisations have raised concerns about the state of mental health care of prisoners in Australia. [Read More…]

Go8 and Universities Australia tackle the benefits of Research Infrastructure Investment Plan

Research Infrastructure Investment Plan

Group of 8 Australia (Go8) and Universities Australia (UA) have shared insights on the Research Infrastructure Investment Plan. Recognizing its significant role on leading, developing and managing Australia’s major national research infrastructure facilities, Go8 emphasized how the Australian industry as a whole will benefit from utilizing the national research infrastructure facilities. While also being at [Read More…]

The Inspiring Indigenous Women of Health Care – by Amanda Griffiths and Sab Ocampo

Cairns Indigenous Art Fair The Tanks

This year I was in Cairns for NAIDOC week, and Cairns Indigenous Art Fair which was held the following week. It brought back so many of memories from 2010 when I did 3 trips to provide primary eye care in indigenous communities in Cape York and also to Yarrabah, just south of Cairns. I remember [Read More…]

Consumer health advocates and doctors slam HealthEngine for sharing private patient information while Australian Dental Association slams Whitecoat

HealthEngine patient data breach

HealthEngine, an online service that allows users to browse its health care provider directory and book appointments had reportedly passed on patient data to third parties such as plaintiff law firms. Several patients have complained about receiving direct marketing material based on their personal data. The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) reported that sharing of private [Read More…]

Reasons to consider working with the elderly

certificate III in individual support

There are few things in life that are more rewarding than knowing that you have helped someone and made a notable difference in their life. Working in a career or volunteer initiative that assists vulnerable people is one sure way to do that, and to gain some good karma back into your life. It seems [Read More…]

20% voluntary sugar reduction regulation for soft-drink businesses to solve the problem of obesity in Australia? Dietitians, doctors and public health advocates not convinced

sugar tax Australian health industry views

The announcement of major beverage companies to reduce sugar across the industry by 20% by 2025 in an attempt to support healthier lifestyles has been met by an overall sense of underwhelm from industry bodies across the country. The Dietitians Association of Australia (DAA) stance is that although they support a “sugar tax” on sweetened [Read More…]

What Does It Mean to Be Obese and How Can We Prevent It?

Obesity Mentone Educational

The obesity crisis is spreading, leaving many people with serious health problems or an increased risk of life-threatening illness in the future. But what causes obesity exactly and what can we do to prevent this? Read on to learn more about obesity and its preventative solutions from Mentone Educational. Calorie Consumption Versus Burn One of [Read More…]

Putting the “S” back in Occupations: Sleep is an Occupation – by Assistant Professor Tawanda Machingura, Bond University

Occupational Therapists are problem solvers and have a broad perspective of health and wellbeing, underpinned by a solid scientific base

Occupation is central to occupational therapy. In occupational therapy, occupations are the daily activities people engage in as individuals, families or communities to occupy their time and bring meaning and purpose to their lives (World Federation of Occupational Therapy, 2012). The new paradigm in occupational therapy is calling for a move away from impairment focus [Read More…]

ATAR and OP List for 14 courses Australia-wide

atar for all courses

Dentistry  It takes a minimum of 5 – 7 years to become a dentist in Australia. Currently, there are six universities who take undergraduate students directly into their dentistry courses while three courses have pathways available for high achieving year 12 students. Each University have different admission requirements to qualify. Some require an UMAT, some [Read More…]

ATAR and OP entry requirement for radiography courses in Australia

atar for radiography

As at July 2018, there are 10 accredited undergraduate medical imaging / radiography courses and 2 postgraduate courses in Australia. The 2018 ATAR for entry into a Bachelor’s degree in radiography ranged from 70 to 99 depending on the university. The following table shows the ATAR / OP scores that were required to enter each [Read More…]

ATAR requirements for every psychology degree in Australia

atar for psychology

For entry into a psychology course commencing in 2018, the ATAR ranged from 55 to 99.00 depending on the course and university. While most undergraduate psychology degrees are 3 years, the courses that include a pathway into the 4th year (honours) generally require a higher ATAR or OP for entry. Graduates of a number of [Read More…]

ATARs for podiatry courses in Australia

atar for podiatry

As at July 2018, there are 9 accredited undergraduate podiatry courses in Australia and 3 postgraduate courses. For entry into a podiatry course commencing in 2018, the ATAR ranged from the low 70s to the high 80s. The following table shows the ATAR / OP scores that were required to enter each undergraduate course at [Read More…]

ATARs for all physiotherapy courses in Australia

atar for physiotherapy

Undergraduate and postgraduate physiotherapy courses are offered at around 20 universities throughout Australia. The vast majority of undergraduate courses are 4 years in duration and require an ATAR of over 95. There are some physiotherapy courses where the ATAR required is in the 80s, which is an equivalent OP range of 6 to 8. Please [Read More…]

ATAR for pharmacy – your guide to the ATAR for pharmacy courses throughout Australia


There are over 15 accredited undergraduate pharmacy courses in Australia and 6 postgraduate courses. For undergraduate entry into a pharmacy course commencing in 2018, the ATARs published by universities ranged from around 65 to 91.05. The following table shows the ATAR / OP scores that were required to enter each undergraduate course at the beginning [Read More…]

ATAR and OP list for optometry courses in Australia

atar for optometry

There are 5 schools of optometry in Australia, and the ATAR or OP required depends on the pathway you take to become an optometrist. For most programs the successful completion of a Bachelor of Vision Science is required to gain entry into the Master of Optometry. The following table shows the ATAR / OP scores [Read More…]

The ATAR for medicine – your guide to the ATARs and entry requirements for every medical school in Australia

atar for medicine

Undergraduate entry into medicine Apart from your ATAR / OP, entry requirements for undergraduate medicine may also include a UMAT score, an interview, a portfolio, and a written application. Some universities also have different entry requirements for Indigenous students and students from a rural background. Some universities have entry pathways to their postgraduate medical course [Read More…]

ATAR list for occupational therapy programs in Australia

occupational therapy

There are around 20 universities which offer an occupational therapy degree in Australia. For entry into an undergraduate occupational therapy course commencing in 2018, the ATARs published by universities ranged from 69 to 95. The following table shows the ATAR / OP scores that were required to enter each undergraduate course at the beginning of [Read More…]

Getting in to dentistry – your guide to the ATARs for every dentistry course in Australia

atar for dentistry

There are 9 schools of dentistry in Australia. These are in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia and South Australia. Depending on whether which pathway you take, it takes a minimum of 5 to 7 years to become a dentist. Please note that apart from your ATAR / OP, entry requirements for undergraduate dentistry [Read More…]

ATAR for midwifery – your guide to the ATAR for every midwifery course in Australia

atar for midwifery

There are undergraduate and postgraduate midwifery courses throughout Australia. For entry into an undergraduate midwifery course commencing in 2018, the ATAR ranged from 60 to the high-90s. The following table shows the ATAR / OP scores that were required to enter each undergraduate course at the beginning of 2018. Please note that this is a [Read More…]

Exercise science university courses and their ATAR requirements

atar for exercise science

There are accredited undergraduate exercise science courses in most states in Australia, one postgraduate course at the University of Western Australia, and two accredited online courses at University of New England. As of 2018, the University of Sunshine Coast offers new exercise science course, the Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science. For entry into an [Read More…]

ATARS for every exercise physiology course in Australia

atar for exercise physiology

There are 12 accredited undergraduate exercise physiology courses in Australia and 17 postgraduate courses. There are two accredited online courses, one undergraduate and one postgraduate. For entry into an exercise physiology course commencing in 2018, the ATAR ranged from the mid-60s to the mid-90s. Please note that Exercise & Sports Science Australia (ESSA) are the [Read More…]

ATAR to become a dietitian – a guide to every dietetics course in Australia

atar for dietetics

There are undergraduate and postgraduate pathways available in Australia which will lead to a qualification as a dietitian. Currently, there are a total of seven undergraduate courses to become a qualified dietitian upon course completion across Australia. About 13 courses however, offers an undergraduate health science or nutrition degree followed by a Master of Dietetics [Read More…]

ATAR for nursing – your guide to every university nursing course in Australia

atar for nursing

For entry into a university nursing course commencing in 2018, the ATAR ranged from 60s to the mid-80s. When combined with another Bachelor’s degree such as midwifery or arts, the ATAR was sometimes in the 90s for the double degree. The following tables show the ATAR / OP scores that were required to enter each [Read More…]