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How Australian Doctors Can Make The Most Of Mid-Career Opportunities Overseas

The Health Industry

If you’re planning on taking your career to the next level, you may want to consider relocating overseas for a few years. While this is definitely not something you should enter into lightly, there are many benefits that can come from experiencing another culture and building your resume with real-world experience abroad. Keep reading to find out how Australian doctors can make the most of mid-career opportunities overseas by doing an international medical exchange program and how they can take advantage of these programs to build their medical career.

Alternative career options

Doctors from all over the world are traveling to Australia to work in remote areas with large populations. This is a great option for those who want to work and see a whole new part of Australia outside of cities like Sydney and Melbourne. There are also plenty of opportunities for those who don’t know where they want to end up yet – because it’s possible to transfer or travel on a one-year contract, there is no need to decide right away.

Applying and planning your move

This is a decision that you need to spend time researching and planning for before actually making. Having done so, you will be able to better weigh up your options, even if they involve staying in Australia.

The best places to live abroad as an expat doctor

The hot springs in Iceland are a great way to relax and unwind. It’s also good for an expat doctor looking for some quality time with family.

Why working overseas is a great move for doctors

Doctors are in demand globally, and by taking a chance to work abroad, you can earn a more competitive salary while gaining valuable experience and life skills. It also gives you an opportunity to try something new and give back through volunteer work. Plus, you’ll have a better idea what it’s like living in another country because you’ll be going through it first hand.

Pursuing an alternative career path for medical professionals

Choosing a new profession, pursuing an alternative career path, or simply broadening your horizons are all things that may appeal to many professionals in any industry. If you’re looking for some international experience but aren’t quite ready to swap life as a doctor for that of a lawyer or engineer, then take a look at these ten top positions abroad.

Top countries that accept foreign doctors

Australian citizens and residents with full medical qualifications from recognised universities, who are also registered with their state or territory’s medical board, are eligible to apply for limited registration in an approved country. Full registration will depend on both the individual and the country involved. Some countries will accept a general medical practitioner who does not have experience in obstetrics or surgery but needs those skills, while others do not recognise experience gained outside their own country.

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