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The keys to creating trust with health patients

The Health Industry

Being a professional in the medical industry can be a tough job. At times, it seems like there is a world of factors against you, and not enough time to give to each patient that trusts you with their health. It can be hard to find ways to establish and maintain patient trust with every individual that walks into your office, but at the end of the day, it is a necessity to having long-standing patients and establishing a positive reputation in the field. Nobody is going to willingly see a doctor that has no reputation – or worse, a negative reputation – with clients and other industry professionals.

The great news is that it is easy to build that trust with patients and establish those connections – sometimes it just takes a little extra attention and time. Every professional wants their clients to think highly of their work – that is the whole point of a career, after all. So, make it a priority to build and maintain client trust.

Understanding the differences in every patient

No two of your patients are going to be the same. For some patients, they want advice on which (if any) cacao powder protein they should incorporate into their diets to best see results without jeopardising other aspects of their health. For others, it is about needing advice on where to go to get a lump or bump checked. And for others, their visits are quick and to the point, some of them needing a prescription for flu medicine, and others wanting to get results of some blood tests that were taken earlier in the week.

Regardless of how many times you see similar symptoms or even mannerisms in a patient, remember that they are first and foremost an individual, and so their individual case is not going to be the same as the person who walked out of the office before them with the same throaty cough.

Taking the time to ask the right questions

Working as a healthcare professional is demanding, and you will inevitably feel rushed for time a lot. It can be easy to work yourself into a pattern of getting patients in and out of the office as quickly and efficiently as possible. But more than anything, to establish a healthy connection between yourself and your patients, you should be working double time to establish and build that connection. Building trust between yourself and your patients is about so much more than strictly doctor-patient confidentiality.

Even if a patient explains the basics of why they are in your office, next take the time to ask them more questions. Ask them for family history, if they have ever had this same experience before, even their past if you feel it appropriate or possible. Asking the right questions often (if not always) leads to not only building a rapport, but getting the right solutions. Nobody likes going to a doctor that makes them feel like they could not be less interested in their case, and asking these questions makes them feel less like a number in your waiting room and more like a valued individual.

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