Polio resources for health professionals

Polio Australia has compiled a clinical practice resource module for health professionals as a broader information in support and health care for polio survivors, management of the Late Effects of Polio and/or Post-Polio Syndrome (PPS). The module has drawn from polio specialist, polio survivors, and evidence-based literature.

On the website, there are also other resources that have collected from different sources:

  • Lincolnshire Post-Polio Library for Medical Professionals which covers the management of the late effects of polio and PPS
  • polio resources for health professionalsManual for Queensland health practitioners about the late effects of polio, (which has now been removed from Queensland Department of Health website)
  • Article from Dr Susan Perlman: Polio Above The Neck
  • Fact sheets from Polio Services Victoria
  • Information for health professionals by Post-Polio Health International
  • PPS Identifying Best Practices in Diagnosis and Care, the extract of the international conference on PPS held by March of Dimes in collaboration with the Roosevelt Warm Springs Institute for Rehabilitation, USA
  • The Cochrane review on treatment for post-polio syndrome
  • Management and treatment of post polio syndrome in primary care by Post Polio Support Group, Ireland

Click here to get more information of the resource module
Click here to watch All Walks of Life, a short film about polio and the lives of survivors who manage its late effects.

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  1. Readers may be interested in Polio Australia’s new website which has been developed specifically to provide a range of resources to health professionals: http://www.poliohealth.org.au.

    Professional development opportunities are also available through a series of Clinical Practice Workshops which will be rolled out in the coming months – the first will be held on the Sunshine Coast on 30 March.

    Some sections of the site are still being populated so please be sure to visit frequently to see what’s new.

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