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Why I enjoyed International Women’s Day this year – by Amanda Griffiths, founder MHC

The Health Industry

This International Women’s Day I was in the office working hard to get the new website up and running. I couldn’t help but enjoy seeing the Tweets I saw from the Australian health industry on the day. They covered everything from looking at gender balance and inequality, celebrating the women in our workforce and those who have recently won awards, women giving thanks to other women, and looked at how women are being represented.

All in all I thought that it was a great way of highlighting the issues women face as well as celebrating what we are capable of. It was far better than taking notice of the comments made by our Prime Minister on the day!
Here’s an overview of what I saw….

Psychiatrist Dr Helen Schultz celebrates both men and women in health care:


The Australian Dental Association highlighted 4 dentists who are taking action towards gender balance in all areas of life:


The Dietitians Association of Australia highlighted the achievement of a female award winning PhD scholar:


Paul McNamara gives thanks to female nurses:


Optometry Australia highlighted that almost 55% of Australia’s optometrists are female:


The Australian Medical Association highlighted gender inequality in STEMM:


The Royal Australasian College of Physicians was criticised by its use of a stock image on International Women’s Day, but the Australian Physiotherapy Association escaped that same criticism:


Mellissa Naidoo celebrates emergency physician, educator, mentor and mum Dr Alex Markwell:

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