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Enough is enough to go ahead in Melbourne on Friday 5th July

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The Healthcare Excellence Institute of Australia is holding a free one day event in Melbourne on Friday under the banner “Enough is Enough”.

According to event organiser Dr Paddy Dewan, since the inception of the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA), there have been a number of investigations that have failed to bring to light the poor standards of the agency.

Dr Dewan says that workers in the agency who take the initial complaint often have not had legal or medical training, and that those who pass judgement have no accountability mechanisms to allow their work to influence a subsequent case.

Dr Paddy Dewan said:
“While healthcare professionals are unhappy with being treated badly, unsafe practitioners often slip under the radar, and patients often don’t both seeking redress via AHPRA because they don’t trust them. With poor processes and no accountability, why would they. There are many stories that we hope are raised at the 5th July meeting.”

Enough is Enough will be held at Radisson on Flagstaff in the Melbourne CBD from 1pm on Friday 5th July.

Click here to watch Dr Dewan’s presentation at the Healthcare Excellence Institute Australia conference “First Seek to Understand” from 13th April 2019.

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