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Our 2014 forecast was right: over 20% of dental graduates missed out on a full time job


Okay, so as a human being usually I like it when my predictions are right….. but…. not so much when it involves Australian university graduates missing out on jobs.

This year I had labour market infographics published in the Career Development Association of Australia’s Australian Career Practitioner magazine and in the Career Education Association of Victoria’s journal. They both predicted that over 20% of dental graduates from Australian universities would struggle to get a full time job at the end of 2014.

The GradStats data was released this week, and shows that 20.4% of these graduates have so far missed out on a full time job.

The infographic published in the CDAA’s ACP magazine



The infographic published in the CEAV journal



And now I’ve updated the graph you may have seen published on My Health Career in previous years to include the 2014 data:

Best wishes to the 20.4% of 2014 dentistry graduates who are either not working at all or working in a part-time or casual job until you find full time work. May 2015 and beyond be prosperous and fulfilling in terms of your career.

Amanda – Founder MHC :-)


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