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Is a Career in Health Services Management Right for You?

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If you have an aptitude for managing others, and you’d like to use that talent to earn your living in the healthcare industry, perhaps you’re considering a career in health services management. Would that be a good choice of vocations considering your goals, talents and uniquely individual skill set? Read on for some insights about whether health services management is a career path that might work out well for you.

Do You Have the Right Personality Traits?

It’s beneficial for health services managers to have a specific set of characteristics and personality traits:

Problem-Solving Mastery: Successful health services managers must be able to solve a broad variety of problems. They have to guide their facilities into compliance with the latest medical laws, guidelines and regulations. They must recruit, train and hire staff for their healthcare facilities in spite of funding shortfalls, computer glitches, nursing shortages, personality conflicts, never-ending crises and high-stress situations. Health services managers must have the capabilities to think quickly, critically and logically.

Leadership Ability: Health services managers must have the capacity to build trust with their staff members. A good leader should also have the capability to motivate other staff members to provide outstanding care for their patients. Health services managers must have a keen understanding of psychological methods that can be used for inspiring their subordinates to excel in their roles. They must build effective teams and ensure that each member on the team is thoroughly supported.

Are You Willing to Obtain the Right Credentials?

In Australia, you must obtain a formal qualification in a relevant field if you hope to be employable as a health services manager. Possible pathways could include either Vocational Education and Training (VET) or a university degree. Subjects of study could include health administration, general medicine, business management, or nursing. Many successful health service managers also hold an advanced degree such as a master of health services management. Most high-level jobs in this field will also require extensive on-the-job experience.

Have You Gained the Necessary Knowledge and Skills for Success?

This is a role that might require you to be proficient with technology including word processing software, spreadsheet software, cloud computing technology, and digital health records.

You will have to be good at finances, math and negotiations. This is because your job will likely require you to create budgets, negotiate pay, and secure needed equipment and supplies.

The Verdict: Is a Career in Health Services Management Right for You?

If you answered “yes” to all the above questions, it’s quite likely that a career in health services management could be a fantastic match for you. It’s definitely worth considering this career, as both the pay and the employment prospects are outstanding.

If you answered “no” to one or more of these questions, it doesn’t automatically disqualify you from succeeding at this career path; it just means you’d have to work harder to make success a reality.

Many of these skills can be acquired if you are willing to do the work of obtaining them. If you’re serious about this career path, it could be worthwhile for you to enrol in a course or seek out mentorship from health services managers who are already working in the field. Once you’ve built relationships with your mentors, you could ask them how they learned the skills they use most regularly on the job. Where it makes sense to do so, you can emulate their methods for a fast-track path to success.

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