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Here are a few places that healthcare workers can upskill online during COVID-19 (mostly for free, too)

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As the onslaught of COVID-19 continues to put unprecedented pressure on public health systems worldwide, the critical role that our healthcare workers play in a state’s ability to respond to health crises has become more apparent than ever. While this pressure is certainly being felt as a burden by many, other healthcare professionals are choosing to view this unusual time as an opportunity to deliver better and more efficient health services than ever before. Upskilling regularly is a huge part of this – improving one’s communication skills, leadership capacity, technical knowledge and understanding and digital prowess can mean improved health outcomes and more efficient healthcare services all round.

Thankfully, in this day and age there are a whole host of resources available online to help health professionals and professionals-in-training from the word go, from online USMLE Step 1 Preparation to freely available resources available from the World Health Organisation. When it comes to online professional development courses and webinars specifically targeted towards upskilling, the options are even more exciting.

Here are just a few examples that health professionals might find interesting:

Course Seeker

The Australian Government has provided the Course Seeker website to assist those who are looking to retrain or upskills and earn a higher education certificate in 6 months. It assists those workers who have been displaced due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The website lists over 1200 courses that range from Undergraduate Certificates, Associate Degrees and Advanced Diplomas to Bachelor Degrees with Graduate entry, and Graduate Certificates available in the field of health alone.

Improve Leadership Performance

Though it mightn’t seem obvious, improving leadership abilities is a key skill that will help healthcare workers progress in their field. TAFE NSW is offering, for a short time during COVID only, a ‘Statement of Attainment in Leading Teams’, which will help healthcare managers build the knowledge and skills they need to lead teams in challenging, diverse environments (especially virtually) while maintaining team effectiveness. You may be eligible to have your course fees fully subsidised.

For more details visit the TAFE NSW website and search for fee-free short courses.

Respiratory and Ventilation Webinar for Nurses & Allied Health Professionals

It is next to impossible to publish an article geared towards health professionals during a pandemic and not include a course or skill specifically targeted towards the virus itself. In support of Australia’s front line healthcare workers, The University of Notre Dame Australia’s School of Nursing & Midwifery has launched online continuing professional development (CPD) short courses for any healthcare professional looking to refresh and upskill themselves in the management of critically ill patients. One course designed with COVID-19 in mind is ‘Respiratory and Ventilation Webinar for Nurses & Allied Health Professionals’, an eight-hour online webinar that will give participants a renewed understanding of what to look for in deteriorating patients, build confidence in responding to the key markers of deterioration, and how to communicate and work effectively as a team. While not free ($330 for the full three sessions) this course will give nurses and allied health professionals the confidence they need to respond to acutely unwell patients in trying circumstances, using presentations, workshops, and case study based clinical scenarios to develop and apply knowledge.

For more details visit the University of Notre Dame website and search in their National priority areas of study section.

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