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Career Fields After Studying Counselling

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The COVID-19 pandemic has changed education in a significant way. Both educators and students have had to embrace the digital medium of instruction and adapt to the changing times. While the transition to online experienced some glitches, people have had to find solutions to them and move forward.

Many universities offer online courses that you can complete to move up in your career, counselling being an in-demand one. These courses are usually flexible, for instance, ECU’s online Master of Counselling allows students to study at whatever pace suits them best.

Counselling allows people to air their problems and anxieties with a professional and get help. The need for more counsellors is growing and a degree in counselling can lead to a variety of career paths. Counselling can be an overwhelming profession, and if you look at going down this path you should take care of your physical and mental health to avoid burn out.

Here is a list of a few fields that you can enter if you study counselling.


You can start working in the education sector after getting a counselling degree. This job will generally involve working with students in schools. You will mostly help the students deal with the stress of not just studies but also of growing up. Counsellors play an important role in schools as they can guide the young students through many difficult and traumatic events.

Social Services

Counsellors working in the social service sector usually focus on mental health, substance abuse, rehabilitation and other similar areas of social work. Social service counsellors are also often involved in career counselling and family counselling. They might work at non-profit organisations, social service agencies or government bodies that deal with children and families.

Correctional Facilities

Correctional facilities and prisons employ counsellors to provide therapy to individuals and groups. The counsellors often deal with substance abuse. They also help rehabilitate the inmates and prepare them for the transition back into society after being released.


A rehabilitation counsellor works with people who want to become more independent. This includes helping with physical therapy of people who have been injured after an accident or illness. This also involves helping those who have trouble in social or personal situations.

Marriage and Family

Counsellors can specialise in helping families and couples understand one another. Marriage counselling helps couples learn more about each other, resolve conflicts and get along better. Family counselling can help families reconnect and live better together. It might also include helping children through issues.

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