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The health industry is incredibly rewarding yet can be a mentally draining area to work in. Take it from Natasha Jennings of the Alfred Hospital’s Emergency and Trauma Centre, who shared her typical day online at Health Victoria. Her exhausting day begins at 5am and she is seeing patients as soon as she steps into the hospital. With such an exhaustive schedule, how could she possibly engage in professional development if it wasn’t for online learning?

With the many occupational demands of health professionals, how do we stay on top of our careers?

Just as technology has made it possible for us to continually push the boundaries in the world of medicine and health care, technology has led to incredible gains in the delivery of education and Monash are proud to be at the forefront of this innovation with Monash Online.

Studying online has numerous benefits, not least the ability to study both in and out of the office and from the comfort of your own home. Monash Online provides all learners with access to instructors and fellow students through discussion forums, chat and video. With six entry points throughout the year, students have the flexibility to complete their qualifications with full control.

Let’s look at their current course offerings for health professionals:

Master of Health Administration

Perfect for aspiring general managers and experienced leaders in health care, the Master of Health Administration is a unique skills-based curriculum with dynamic units developed by the Faculty from The School of Public Health and Preventative Medicine and from Business and Economics.

Graduates of this course will have knowledge in the areas of business, economics, management, organisational theory/behaviour, health economics, marketing, and accounting.

Master of Public Health

Designed for those who aspire to be future public health leaders, the Master of Public Health provides exposure to a number of topics required to nurture passionate leaders to drive change and improve the way public health is provided. Graduates from the Master of Public Health will have career opportunities in the area of public health in governments, community health, non-government organisations and international aid organisations.

Visit Monash University’s Online Education page for more information on courses here.

The team at Monash Online provided My Health Career with the content for this post.

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