From frustration to freedom – how physiotherapist Michael Dermansky changed his approach to help his clients achieve results beyond their wildest dreams

We love it when we hear from practitioners who are out there taking their knowledge and skills to the next level to help their patients. That’s exactly what Michael Dermansky is doing at his practice MD Health Pilates…..

196 - MD Health-34“I’ve been in the physiotherapy industry since 1998, working to help people not only recover from injuries, but go beyond their wildest expectations of what their body can achieve. I discovered very early in my career in physiotherapy, that with good planning and thoroughness in approaching client’s injuries, most injuries can be managed or overcome and the fear clients have in approaching life after injury can be turned around so they not only recover from injury, but are able to achieve whatever goals they set their mind to.

In this article, I’d like to write about two important aspects of my career. Firstly, “why physiotherapy?” and secondly “why run my own business?” These are two important factors of my career that make my role so fulfilling.

When I first started in physiotherapy, I thought physiotherapy was a title, a job that you did that was structured a certain way, and that’s how it works. A client has an injury, they come to see you, you assess them, determine a cause for the injury and then treat them with the treatments you have been taught to do.

After a few years, I discovered this was a very limited view of the profession.

196 - MD Health-48When studying physiotherapy, we learnt a set of knowledge and skills in how the body and joints works, how it should function and what can go wrong. This knowledge is the beginning of physiotherapy and not a defined set of skills. Two years into my career as a physiotherapist I understood that I knew how to assess joints and injuries, but applying treatments the traditional why was not as effective as it should be for the clients and the outcomes were just not “great”. So, I changed the way I approached treating injuries and started looking at things from a much bigger perspective. Why did we have to wait for someone to injure themselves before we could help them? Can we prevent injuries before they become a problem?

The answer was a big YES.

I changed my approach to dealing with issues before they were a problem, which as a skilled physiotherapist, I could see a mile away. The result was clients not only reducing their pain, but being able to achieve goals beyond their wildest dreams, from being able to play with the kids in the park, to running a marathon to trekking the Himalayas. This was the power of the physiotherapy knowledge we were taught and value of the profession.

196 - MD Health-80Secondly, I wanted to talk about my passion as a business owner. Running the company means that you have the freedom to give things a go, try new innovations and work outside of the box without restriction, only limited by your imagination and your drive. It is hard work, it requires an additional set of skills and is the reason I went to business school to acquire these skills, but it means that the company was able to achieve changes unusual in our industry.

We were able to innovate software designs, which allowed our staff to assess clients from a preventative perspective and to achieve their goals. The company was able to implement a strong and thorough student and staff training program like no other in the industry, to share knowledge and facilitate creativity not only as individuals but a group as a whole, which is much more than an individual can accomplish by themselves.

It makes business exciting, knowing that you are making a real difference in the lives of so many people.”

Michael DermanskyMichael Dermansky is the Senior Physiotherapist and Managing Director of MD Health Pilates and Founder of the Michael Dermansky Academy. He owns and runs a Pilates centre located at East Kew in Melbourne. Over the years, Michael has treated men, women, children and seniors with various forms of injuries and his expertise lies heavily on long term outcomes, and he uses Pilates to achieve this. To find out more, see his website at

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