Pharmacists hit back at supermarket article published by News Corp

supermarket pharmacyThe Pharmacy Guild of Australia’s Victorian president Anthony Tassone and Brisbane pharmacist Chris Owen have taken to Twitter to hit back at News Corp journalist Sue Dunlevy following the publishing of the article A chemist can own a supermarket, but supermarkets can’t own a pharmacy.

In the article, it is implied that an IGA x-press store linked to SuperPharmacyPlus in the suburb of Stafford in Brisbane sells tobacco and alcohol, where Guild national president George Tambassis, in his argument against supermarkets owning pharmacies has been quoted as saying, “four of Woolworths’ five biggest selling products are cigarettes and it sells billions of dollars of alcohol each year- two major causes of disease and death.”

Anthony Tassone pointed out that the IGA x-press in Stafford doesn’t sell alcohol or tobacco, and Chris Owen accused Ms Dunlevy’s article of containing half-truths and spin and made more scathing comments against the journalist:

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