General Practice Pharmacist Fundamentals education program has been launched

general-practice-pharmacist-education-modelThe Pharmaceutical Society of Australia (PSA) has launched an education program called the General Practice Pharmacist Fundamentals. This is an online course which will provide expert guidance to pharmacists interested in this important area of practice.

PSA National President Joe Demarte said that the course is backed by a suite of practice tools to help pharmacists tailor their services to the needs of the local community. These evidence-based tools have been developed by experts in the field, peer-reviewed and tested by pharmacists already working in general practice.

While PSA strongly supported Australia’s community pharmacy network, the organisation believes the GP-pharmacist model will enhance integration of pharmacists and community pharmacies within the primary healthcare setting, because quality healthcare does not happen in isolation.

“This model is all about optimising the contribution of pharmacists and pharmacies, for the benefit of consumers,” Mr Demarte said.


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Photo credit: a.drian via Visual Hunt / CC BY-ND

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