Guild claims details of 6CPA negotiations have been misrepresented

The Pharmacy Guild of Australia has said that details of the negotiations around the 6th Community Pharmacy Agreement (6CPA) as reported in an article in The Australian contain “rumour and misinformation aimed at destabilising the current negotiations for a new Community Pharmacy Agreement.”

career in industrial pharmacyThe Pharmacy Guild claims that The Australian story “contains a garbled account of the current state of the negotiations, laced with deliberate distortions aimed at portraying the Guild adversely.”

Sean Parnell, The Australian’s Health Editor in Brisbane has made reference to the recommendations made following the Australian National Audit Office’s report regarding the 5CPA which was released in March, saying that the agreement had been criticised by health economists and consumer groups for its lack of transparency and accountability. He says that the government wants to add performance measures into the new Community Pharmacy Agreement.

The Guild categorically rejects the assertion that they are resisting accountability in the 6CPA negotiations.

The Pharmacy Guild of Australia has confirmed that an offer of $18.9 billion is currently on the table for the 6CPA, with the 5CPA having been worth $15.7 billion. Sean Parnell has said that the Guild is “holding out for a higher level of guaranteed funding that is rumoured to be as high as $21 billion.”

The Guild has said that an $18.9 billion 6CPA agreement would have a bankable net value for community pharmacies of just over $16 billion, and that with this arrangement “Pharmacies would have an 8% real cut in their total remuneration compared to the last Agreement despite being expected to dispense 10% more scripts.”

The Guild has also categorically rejected the assertion that it is “holding out” for “higher funding.”

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