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Occupational Therapy Videos

Is it easy for graduate occupational therapists to get a job in hand therapy?

Working as an OT in a public hospital – what’s that like?

Six different areas of occupational therapy by Prof Sylvia Rodger

How my own travel experiences shaped my occupational therapy career

Hand therapy – comparing clinical work with public and private

Occupational therapy at uni – what can you expect from your prac placements?

Occupation – not just work!!!

 OT in an oncology ward

Dealing with homesickness – a country kid goes to university in the city

How might occupational therapists advocate for their clients?

An OT career – it can be rewarding in unexpected ways

A rehabilitative OT tells us about her morning on the job

What sort of wounds might a hand therapist see?

What role does an OT have when employed by an insurance company?

Dementia vs Stroke – the process and outlook is very different!!

So occupational therapy and art can mix?

Studying OT at uni – what would you do differently if you had your time over?

How do occupational therapy students get so good at working in teams?

Hand therapist Amy Geach’s OT journey from student to business owner

Autism specialist Prof Sylvia Rodger talks about OT programs for parents

OT – working in a psychiatric hospital

My first job as an occupational therapist – community health OT


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