Is the future of healthcare here? Dr Andrew Lin, co-founder of CliniCloud talks connected devices

You may have heard of CliniCloud, the health-tech startup who recently received $5 million in funding. Business partners Dr Hon Weng Chong and Dr Andrew Lin met at medical school, and both had a passion for technology and the benefits it could bring to healthcare. CliniCloud is at the stage of shipping its first product, a smartphone connected stethoscope and thermometer built in for consumers which can be used with telemedicine services.

We asked Andrew for more details about the connected home medical kit and how it benefits consumers, and potentially the health system……

“ConnClinicloud phoneected devices provide enormous opportunity to enhance the relationship between physician and patient through a more accurate and efficient diagnosis process. People are starting to engage more in the management of their own health and wellness, and smartphone enabled medical devices or even connected fitness devices all have an important new role to play.

Clinicloud partsCliniCloud’s Connected Home Medical Kit brings healthcare into the home, enabling users to record and monitor vital data such as temperature, heart rate, and lung sounds and share them via a smartphone app with their physician. It includes a digital stethoscope (the first designed for home use), a non-contact thermometer, and an app that integrates sounds from both devices and prompts users through a quick check up. The Family Management feature means parents can monitor and share the whole family’s health data.

Clinicloud in useThe potential for this new tool to improve the diagnostic process while significantly reducing costs for patients and the healthcare industry is significant, particularly in markets that are embracing telemedicine services where patients can consult with a doctor from the comfort of their own home. CliniCloud can help patients’ access medical care faster and more easily, receiving early intervention which could prevent hospitalisation and even save an unnecessary trip to the emergency room. This is especially helpful for those living in rural Australia without easy access to medical services.

It’s critical to note that doctors will also have to be engaged with this process in order for the data to be meaningful and actionable and to see the full benefits of connected health devices. Technology such as CliniCloud’s Connected Home Medical Kit is key to enabling consumer health monitoring and the connection back to the doctor. If embraced, the opportunities are endless.”

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  1. Jorge LAMAS says:

    Dear Doctor Lin, it was a pleasure meating you during the last Telehealth conference.

    It is people like yourself that are changing and enabling the medical world to expand its wings

    Thank you


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