Nutritionist or dietitian? What’s the difference?

Jobs for graduate dietitians – be prepared to think outside the box!

So you want to study dietetics…. um…. do you like chemistry?

Sports dietetics – where can it take you?

Dietetics prac placements at uni

My first student dietetics placement was the most challenging!

Dietetics uni courses involve psychology. Huh?!?! Why?

Food service management – one of the three areas of dietetics

Graduating dietitians – where might they get a job?

4 dietitians views on what it takes to be a great dietitian!!

Dietitians – what are they up against?

Dietetics – a confronting aspect!!

The Malnutrition Screening Tool (MST) developed through my PhD went global

Dietetics in a hospital – some areas of specialty

The Elimination Diet – how might it be used to test for food intolerances?

My first job as a dietitian is in Singapore!!

My knowledge of malnutrition led to a job in a pharmaceutical company in the USA

Hospital dietetics – intensive care and parenteral nutrition

Dietetics at uni – which students do well?

The interview for my first job as a dietitian was almost 2 hours long!!

The future of dietetics – some interesting insights!

Sports dietetics – my favourite aspect

Community dietetics – running a group program

Dietetics research can be enjoyable and open doors!

Sports dietetics case study – a male athlete who wants to build muscle mass

Dietetic care for post-surgical patients in a hospital

Dietetics prac placements – applying the science

As a dietetics student, I did 3 prac placements in my final year

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