Are patients becoming more open to pharmacists being in general practice?

A recent study published in the Pharmaceutical Journal found that 80% of 7,154 patients would grant access for pharmacists to see their GP record. The study was conducted by researchers at the University of Nottingham on community pharmacy vaccination services. Ninety eight per cent (98%) said that they would be happy if the pharmacist tell their GP about the vaccination they received.

Improved safety, trust and a need for communication are among the main reasons for allowing access.

The similar Australian study which assessed the views of pharmacists, GPs and consumers on integrating pharmacists into general practice had been conducted in 2012 with a different result. The study suggested that only 37% of patients would allow the pharmacist access to their medical records.

Obviously we are comparing studies from the UK and Australia. However, perhaps there is a possibility that patients are becoming more open to pharmacists in general practice.

Pharmacists’ access to GP records

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