Life through a shortsighted child’s eyes

For Lawson Martin, the world consists of blurred images. For her, everyone that is further away than a metre or two – from her parents to teachers – are just silhouettes with voices. Her friends make fun of her because the blurred vision she suffers from. Her teacher mistakes her for not paying enough attention to class.

simulation of shortsightednessLawson Martin is just one example of the 25% of children who suffer from an undiagnosed vision problem. For 563 million people, that’s how they see the world: not blind, yet they can’t see.

The OneSight Organisation began a mission 25 years ago to help people around the world to access eye examinations and better care for their vision problems. Now they have provided vision care access to 8.5 million people worldwide. While some of these vision problems can be corrected with a pair of glasses, some are more complex and require surgical interventions.

If you dare to take a challenge to see the world the way Lawson see, click on the link. The simulation video shows how the world can be seen through the eyes of someone who is shortsighted and hasn’t had it corrected by glasses (or contact lenses or surgery):

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