Mindfulness for health professionals – by Dr Kathryn Choules (PhD) and Dr Samantha Clarke (PhD)

Kathryn Choules

Due to my own developing interest in mindfulness in my own practice as an optometrist, and for the wider community of health practitioners, I thought it was worth asking mindfulness teachers and psychologists about how health practitioners can be mindful in their practice and interactions with patients. I was fortunate enough to receive responses from [Read More…]

ADA submission on AHPRA complaints mechanism

ada complaint processes submission

The Australian Dental Association has made a submission in response to the senate’s Inquiry into the Implementation and Regulation of the Complaints Mechanisms administered under the Health Practitioners Regulation National Law (National Law). The submission provides details in relation to concerns about the impact of vexatious complaints and the time taken to bring complaint investigations [Read More…]

New index to examine geographic supply of clinical health workforce for Indigenous Australians

spatial distribution of clinical health workforce

The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare utilised a new measure for its report, Spatial distribution of the supply of the clinical health workforce 2014: relationship to the distribution of the Indigenous population. The measure is Geographically-adjusted Index of Relative Supply (GIRS), which was developed to overcome limitations in using relatively simple provider-to-population ratios to [Read More…]

Australian Dental Association priorities for the 2017-18 Federal Budget

ADA pre-budget submission 2017

The Australian Dental Association (ADA) has released a pre-budget submission, the Australian Dental Health Plan (ADHP), as a sustainable funding model for dental care. According to the ADA, implementation of the ADHP would enable all Australians to access equitable, timely and appropriate oral healthcare. The overall dental and general health of the community would be [Read More…]

Australian Dental Association shares concerns about MBS Review

MBS Review Taskforce

The Australian Dental Association (ADA) has raised some matters of concern around the MBS review taskforce, including intravenous sedation in dental procedures, private insurance, and dental services for special needs patients. The ADA recommends: Restriction of the rebate payment for sedation services when suitably trained and endorsed dentists were not able to provide the sedation [Read More…]

Dentists face legal risks when carrying out complex oral procedures


General dentists may be putting themselves in the path of legal risks by carrying out oral surgery procedures. A study by a team of Queensland researchers has mapped litigation patterns in the key area of legal risk in the fields of general dentistry (oral surgery procedure), as well as oral and maxillofacial surgery. The analysis [Read More…]

Tackling antimicrobial resistance


The federal government has announced the implementation of the National Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) Strategy 2015-2019. The strategy is developed under the Coalition Government’s new plan, in partnership with health professionals, research communities, veterinarians and agricultural industries. The implementation plan outlines specific focus areas for action to minimise the development of antimicrobial resistance and ensure the [Read More…]

Bridge2Aid Australia officially launched


After 18 months of hard work, Bridge2Aid officially launched on 11th October 2016 at the Australia Dental Association New South Wales branch centre for professional development. Mark Topley of Bridge2Aid Australia credited the launch, and the campaign itself, to a number of people, including philanthropic work legend Grant Pierce who first suggested establishing Bridge2Aid. Bridge2Aid [Read More…]

Dental care for people with dementia


The Australian Dental Association and Alzheimer’s Australia has partnered to support dentists treating people living with dementia through a series of videos, Partnership in Practising Care. The series aim to educate dentists and their team on best practice care for people living with dementia, with emphasis on the importance of continuity of care, using preventative [Read More…]

What’s ahead for graduate dentists – by Dr Viet Nguyen

Viet Nguyen 2

We asked 2011 graduate Dr Viet Nguyen what advice he had for new dentists. This is what he said…… “Congratulations on making it to the final frontier of your dental education journey! I’m sure the next few months will be one filled with cold calling, walking into clinics, researching on jobs and plenty of networking [Read More…]

Orthodontics – an evolving profession


The following article has been contributed by the Australian Society of Orthodontists. Research has brought many new technologies and techniques to the practice of orthodontics that has benefited millions of Australians over the last 10 years. Orthodontic treatment has come a long way since the days of chunky metal braces, bands and headgears; today, contemporary [Read More…]

The required ATAR or OP for dentistry courses

raining ATARS

There are 9 schools of dentistry in Australia. These are in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia and South Australia. Depending on whether which pathway you take, it takes a minimum of 5 to 7 years to become a dentist. Please note that apart from your ATAR / OP, entry requirements for undergraduate dentistry [Read More…]

TGA encourages reporting of illegal dental supplies

reporting illegal dental products

The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) advises to only choose medical devices that have been included on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG), including dental products. It is a criminal offence to import into, supply in or export from Australia a medical device that has not been entered onto the ARTG. The TGA, through the [Read More…]

Exhilarating! My week with the Royal Flying Doctor Service – by Rebecca Irwin – medical student and NRHSN Chair

Rebecca Irwin RFDS week

The unique exhilarating experience of flying to remote communities and stations to provide health care is unparalleled by anything I have experienced thus far. I loved flying with the Royal Flying Doctors Service (RFDS) to remote locations, hopping from station to station, community to community, providing health care as we went. Occasionally we were diverted [Read More…]

Child Oral Health – a hidden crisis

child oral health

The British Dental Journal Team has said that woeful children’s dental decay statistics are making headlines in the UK, and have suggested that the quickest way to address this could be influencing their parents and carers. We asked the Australian Dental Association what factors are at play for children’s oral health closer to home and [Read More…]

Health industry voices its opinions as the #healthelection2016 looms

health funding around federal election

Health organisations around the country have been lobbying for a greater share of the health spending dollar in the lead up to the election tomorrow. Federal Minister for Health, Sussan Ley, claims to have put patient outcomes at the centre of health reform in the Federal Budget released in May 2016, but many associations are [Read More…]

Skilled Occupations List submissions put workforce shortages and excesses in the spotlight

Skilled Occupation List 2016

The new Skilled Occupations List (SOL) comes into effect on 1st July 2016. There have been changes to the status of a number of health professions, and a large number have been flagged for consideration in 2017. Health professions being added to SOL from 1st July 2016: Orthotist or prosthetist Audiologist Health professions being removed [Read More…]

We’re frozen, there’s no provision for preventative health and it will be difficult for the poor to stay well – the aftermath from the 2016 Federal Health Budget

2016 health budget

The Minister for Health Sussan Ley has said that the 2016 federal budget puts patient outcomes at the centre of health reform, but there doesn’t seem to be much agreement from the health industry. One of the main reasons why the industry hasn’t supported the health budget is due to the freeze on the Medicare [Read More…]

Are you really listening? A view from the other side. By Gitte Backhausen – patient

Gitte Backhausen profile

Okay, so I know it’s practitioner month on My Health Career in May and that most of what we’re doing is sharing stories about the inspiring things health professionals are up to. When I got this article through from Gitte, I literally felt a bit sick in my stomach reading about everything she’d been through. [Read More…]

Dentists concerned for the next generation’s teeth if the CDBS is axed in the next federal budget

Dr William Huynh

Recently we asked around to see what the big issues are in dentistry, and also to see how practitioners are differentiating themselves. Not surprisingly, both Dr Stephen Allsopp from Bannockburn in Victoria and Dr William Huynh from Be Well Dental in Brisbane mentioned oral health problems in children. Dr Stephen Allsopp says: We have a [Read More…]

Want to be a doctor or health science professional?


MedEntry, Australia’s leading UMAT prep organisation, have teamed up with My Health Career to share some tips on how to succeed in the UMAT and Interviews. Please note that this is a sponsored post representing the views of MedEntry, and that My Health Career recommends you do your own research before choosing a UMAT preparation [Read More…]

ADA propose Australian Dental Health Plan but government plans to cut the Child Dental Benefits Schedule

australian dental health plan 2016

The Australian Dental Association (ADA) is “flabbergasted” by the federal government’s plan to reallocate and therefore end funding for the Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS). They have started a petition, which has attracted over 10,000 signatures, and have encouraged dentists, patients and stakeholders to use the hashtag #savetheCDBS on social media and in email correspondence. [Read More…]

Who is avoiding the dentist, and who is likely to get a toothache? Latest Australian Institute of Health and Welfare figures released

Who is likely to get a toothache

Uninsured adults are more likely to have experienced toothache (20%) than insured adults (12%), and over 40% of people living in lower income households of under $30,000 per year reported avoiding or delaying a visit to a dentist due to cost. These are the findings of an Australian Institute of Health and Welfare report Oral [Read More…]

UMAT 2016 will be held on 27 July. Register now!

UMAT 2016

The Undergraduate Medicine and Health Sciences Admission Test (UMAT) is required for undergraduate admission to many courses throughout Australia and New Zealand in the fields of medicine, dentistry and optometry. The results from UMAT 2016 can only be used for undergraduate medicine or health science courses beginning in 2017. According to the National Institute of [Read More…]

Checked your professional indemnity insurance lately? Revised PII standards for 8 professions will come into effect on 1 July 2016

AHPRA professional indemnity insurance

Effective on 1 July 2016, eight health professions in Australia will need to meet the obligations of the revised standard for professional indemnity insurance (PII) arrangements. The revised standard will replace the existing standard that is currently in place. The registration standard does not apply to the current cycle of renewals. However, the practitioners need [Read More…]

The 10 commandments of patient-centred care

the ten commandments for patient-centred care

A team of UK researchers has transformed their paper, published in the British Journal of General Practice, into a website fully dedicated to covering the 10 commandments for patient-centred treatment. Although it is about general practice, the principles are similar for any health profession, particularly where the profession involves disgnostics, prescribing medications or giving medications [Read More…]

ADA President Rick Olive says there is “more work to be done in order to secure the future of Australian dental students and new graduates” despite an increased grad employment rate in 2015

Dentistry graduate employment rate 1999 to 2015

The percentage of dentistry graduates finding a full time job was up 7.1% in 2015, and graduates also enjoyed the highest median starting salary from any university degree. However, according to the Australian Dental Association President, Dr Rick Olive AM RFD, there is more that must be done in order to secure the future of [Read More…]

Are dentists discriminating against patients in wheelchairs?

dental care wheelchair

People with disabilities face discrimination issues in their dental care. The challenges to access dental services mainly fall into two groups of barriers, which are environmental factors and that of factors related to dental care providers. These conclusions are revealed in a study conducted at McGill University, Montreal, Canada. Researchers adopted a qualitative descriptive approach [Read More…]

GradStats from the turn of the century…. What are health graduates getting paid? What’s the employment rate?

GradStats 2015

While starting salaries for new graduates from university health degrees have increased significantly since 1999, the percentage of graduates going directly into a full time job has dropped, according to GradStats data. Employment rate The GradStats figures show that there is now a lower full time employment rate for medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, nursing (initial), rehabilitation, [Read More…]

$250 million for translating medical research into real benefits

Biomedical Translation Fund

The Australian Government will invest $250 million over two years to help translate Australian health and medical research into commercial reality as part of the National Innovation and Science Agenda (NISA). This investment will provide the funds to improve the quality of life of Australians. The Biomedical Translation Fund alongside the Medical Research Future Fund [Read More…]

10 year road map for Closing the Gap

ten year road map to close the gap

Minister for Rural Health Fiona Nash has launched an Implementation Plan as a further commitment to Closing the Gap. The Implementation Plan is a ten-year road map: a strategy to better health for Indigenous children, Indigenous youth and Indigenous adults. The Coalition decided to adopt and build on the 10 year National Aboriginal and Torres Strait [Read More…]

16% decrease in notifications – AHPRA 2014-2015 statistics revealed

AHPRA annual report 2014 - 2015

The Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) and the National Boards has published the 2014/ annual report. The annual report outlines and highlights AHPRA and the National Board’s activities in 2014/15, as follows:   1.   Improving performance and services 637,218 health practitioners are registered from 14 different professions representing overall growth of 2.9% 16% [Read More…]

Protest long raised by the ADA on private health insurance

private health insurance dictate healthcare

The Australian Dental Association (ADA) has been raising many objections regarding private health insurance throughout the year. Recently they welcomed the government’s announcement of roundtable discussions about private health insurance. June 2015 Following the concerns raised by the opposition in the House of Representatives about the Private Health Insurance (Prudential Supervision) Bills, the ADA urged [Read More…]

Parents with drones vs qualified practitioners – who should be extracting kids’ teeth?

tooth extraction by drone

USA Today has reported that parents are pulling kid’s loose teeth out with drones. If the loose tooth becomes bothersome to the child, the parents are tying a string around it and attaching the string to a drone. So essential a remote-controlled drone has replaced the old tying the string to the doorknob routine. Looking [Read More…]

More than 155,000 health practitioners due to renew registration by 30th November

health practitioner registration renewals

Twelve National Boards have launched their registration renewal campaigns for health practitioners whose registration to practise expires on 30 November 2015. A news item about renewal of registration is published on each of the following National Board websites: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Practice Board of Australia Chinese Medicine Board of Australia Chiropractic Board [Read More…]

Becoming a health practitioner – registering with AHPRA

AHPRA health practitioner registration fees

The Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency has recommended that students who are about to graduate as health practitioners apply for registration 4-6 weeks before finishing your course. For many students, that is NOW!!! About to graduate as a health practitioner? Apply 4-6 weeks before finishing your course. More: http://t.co/TBvBlUJ0do — AHPRA (@AHPRA) September 4, 2015 [Read More…]

DRISS – 2 years on and 126 dentists have been relocated to rural and remote Australia – funding round now open!


1st October 2015 marks two years since the first round of the Dental Relocation and Infrastructure Support Scheme opened. The program is having a real impact on the Australian rural dental workforce. So far grants of up to $370,000 each have been helped 126 dentists relocate to RA2 to RA5 locations around the country. Round 5 [Read More…]

ADA calls for halt to automatic recognition of qualifications of UK dentists in Australia

automatic recognition of UK and Irish dentists

President of Australian Dental Association, Dr Rick Olive, has sent a letter to the Chair of the Dental Board of Australia regarding dental workforce oversupply. The letter, written on 21 August 2015, call automatic recognition of Overseas Qualified Dentists (OQDs) as the cause of that significant problem.   Dentists from the UK and Ireland are [Read More…]

ATAR or OP scores for dentistry courses in Australia

ATAR for dentistry

The information in this article has been superseded by our 2016 article. There are 9 schools of dentistry in Australia. These are in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia and South Australia. Depending on whether which pathway you take, it takes a minimum of 5 to 7 years to become a dentist. Please note [Read More…]

AHPRA welcomes report of 3 year independent review of the National Registration and Accreditation Scheme which regulates 14 health professions in Australia


The Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency recently welcomed a report following an independent three-year review of the National Registration and Accreditation Scheme (NRAS) and the Health Ministers’ response to its recommendations. ‘Such positive and constructive feedback reflects the focus and commitment to improvement of everyone who works at AHPRA, all members of national, state and [Read More…]

Dental professionals reminded to comply with infection control standards

infection control rules for dentists

The Dental Board of Australia has issued a letter to dental practitioners and a fact sheet for patients following recent blood-borne infection scares in dental practices in Sydney. According to an ABC report, it is possible that up to 11,251 patients of a small number of dental practices in Sydney would have been shocked upon [Read More…]

From burnout to successful practice, a young family and volunteer projects – by dentist Dr Rachel Hall

Burnout in dentists

“I was 29 years old and had been graduated from dental school for 7 years, I was in the prime of my life or at least I should have been. But instead I had hit a point in life where work seemed too hard, patients were there just to annoy me, my staff didn’t care [Read More…]

UMAT preparation – how can UMAT NIE and UMAT Australia help?


How can UMAT NIE & UMAT Australia help you with the UMAT? www.nie.edu.au Many students underestimate the UMAT (Undergraduate Medicine & Health Sciences Admission Test) and consider that it is just another academic assessment along the way to achieving their dream career. Nothing could be further from the truth. On average about 18,000 candidates sit [Read More…]

Allied health misses a guernsey in the Medicare Benefits Schedule Review Taskforce – by Amanda Griffiths

Medicare Benefits Scheme Review Taskforce

It’s been about a month since Minister for Health Sussan Ley announced the members of the Federal Government’s Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) Review Taskforce and the Primary Health Care Advisory Group (PHCAG). Although the PHCAG is made up of members from a number of health professions including physiotherapy, medicine and pharmacy, it is blatantly obvious [Read More…]

Future looking brighter for dentistry graduates as profession is removed from the Skilled Occupations List

dentistry removed from sol July 2015

In a win for Australian dentists, The Federal Government has removed the professions of “dentist” and “dental specialists” from the Skilled Occupations List from today, 1st July 2015. Dr Rick Olive AM RFD, President of the ADA said, “It is immensely satisfying to get word of a decision that will help secure the future of [Read More…]

#WhyWeDoResearch campaign – by Cheryl Prescott and Claire Gibbs

Claire Gibbs and Abby Greaves

“The #WhyWeDoResearch campaign was conceived and launched via Twitter by Claire Gibbs, Senior Clinical Research Nurse (@ClaireGibbsUK) and Abby Greaves, Research Administrator, (@JPUHResearch) at the James Paget University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust in December 2014. Their intention was to use the hashtag #WhyWeDoResearch as a way to introduce core research team members to the public, [Read More…]

3D printing in dental implant research

guidelines for brushing dental implants

A dental student from the University of Maryland in the US is using 3D printing technology in his study which he hopes will lead to the creation of official guidelines on how to clean dental implants. Steven Feldman, during a fellowship program at the American Dental Association Foundation Dr. Anthony Volpe Research Center, needed to [Read More…]

Call for health professionals to be more aware of signs of child sexual abuse surfaces during royal commission

child sexual abuse in institutions royal commission

The ABC has again reported on the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse. They recently published revelations by psychologist Terence Kirkpatrick that he was sexually abused by a psychologist at the Royal North Shore Hospital (RNSH) in 1967 when he had been referred to the clinic to be treated for what was [Read More…]

In grade 12 and want to apply for medicine, dentistry, optometry in 2016? You might need to sit the UMAT. Registrations close 5th June.

Getting into medicine dentistry optometry

In light of the fact that I attended careers expos recently and came across excellent prospective health students who are currently in grade 12 and didn’t know they would need to sit the UMAT as part of the entry requirement, here is another UMAT article. The Undergraduate Medicine and Health Sciences Admission Test (UMAT) is [Read More…]

Advertising health services is about so much more than the AHPRA guidelines

advertising laws for health professionals

Health practitioners need to be aware that their advertising must comply not just with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) guidelines where appropriate, but also with national law. Consumer Law The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) is the authority who enforces the Competition and Consumer Act 2010. The Act covers areas including false [Read More…]

The health industry’s reaction to the 2015 Federal Budget

health industry federal budget

As usual, the federal government’s health budget has been a mixed bag for the industry. Professional bodies representing practitioners including podiatrists, pharmacists, occupational therapists, medical practitioners, optometrists, dentists, nurses and medical students have all had something to say about the budget. Here’s a summary……   Building a Healthier Medicare The Government has announced that they [Read More…]

My rant following the most recent round of careers expos….

The dark side of career expos

I have just returned from a series of 4 careers expos in the New South Wales towns of Young, Forbes, Dubbo and Bathurst. Although this website was started especially for high school students considering a career in health and has lots of resources such as videos from real health practitioners and pathways information, there are [Read More…]

Non-medical prescribing in the UK

non medical prescribing

The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) stated that only “appropriate practitioners” can prescribe medicine in the UK. There are two categories of the said practitioners: Independent prescribers, who are healthcare professionals responsible for assessing patient and making clinical decisions about how to manage the patient condition and prescribing medication. They include doctors, dentists, [Read More…]

Dentist ordered not to reapply for registration

Banned dentist

The Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal has ordered Dr Patrick O’Brien to not reapply for registration as a dental practitioner. The decision was made after the tribunal found that Dr O’Brien had engaged in unsatisfactory professional conduct while treating patients. The concern was first investigated by the former Dental Board of Queensland, which in March [Read More…]

Flawed study overstates link between fluoride and ill health: experts


Reema Rattan, The Conversation Researchers have widely criticised a new study that questions the safety of water fluoridation, arguing the findings were overstated and the study poorly designed. The paper, published in the Journal of Epidemiological & Community Health, links fluoridated water to increased rates of hypothyroidism, which occurs when the thyroid gland is under [Read More…]

Announcement of successful applicants for Primary Health Networks

Medicare Locals to Primary Health Networks

Minister for Health Sussan Ley has announced the successful applicants to run the 31 Primary Health Networks which will replace the 61 Medicare Locals from 1st July. In a statement from The Department of Health, the Primary Health Networks will “replace Labor’s flawed Medicare Local system of 61 fragmented regions, which were found by an [Read More…]

$10,000 Grants of ADAVB/BOQ Specialist CPD Practice Bursary for Victorian private practice dentists

CPD scholarship for dentists

BOQ Specialist has announced a partnership with the Australian Dental Association Victorian Branch (ADAVB) to fund an annual professional development grant, that is the ADAVB BOQ Specialist CPD Practice Bursary. The successful nominee will receive a Certificate of Recognition in addition to the $10,000 bursary which consists of: $8,000 to be applied to CPD and/or [Read More…]

Feedback sought from dentists to improve safety and quality

standards for dental practices

Australian dental practitioners are invited to give feedback for the NSQHS Standards Guide for Dental Practices and Services. The standards aim to assist dental practices and services to improve the safety and quality of care. The feedback is sought to note the guide’s information on: Preparing for accreditation Quality improvement Risk management Working toward accreditation [Read More…]

ADA says go see “That Sugar Film”

sugar and oral health

The Australian Dental Association (ADA) urges all Australians to watch “That Sugar Film” as it raises awareness of the effects of a high sugar diet on the body. In the film, Damon Gameau has embarked on a unique 60 day experiment to discover the impact of hidden sugar in supposedly healthy food. In the experiment [Read More…]

The power of a smile – oral health as a part of overall wellbeing

dental health and general health

In a TEDx video titled The Power of a Smile, Dr Steven Lin talks about the association between oral health and overall wellbeing. For instance, a simple act of regular flossing once a day can prevent gum disease. And it has been shown that gum disease linked to more serious diseases, including heart disease, stroke, [Read More…]

Please don’t look at the latest Department of Employment projections and think it’s all rosy in the health industry

Department of Employment health industry projections

Once again the federal government’s industry employment projections data show that the Health Care and Social Assistance sector will be the leading provider of new jobs in the Australian labour market. However, just because the sector as a whole is performing well, do not interpret this to mean that all students who study degrees in [Read More…]

UMAT 2015 registrations are open

UMAT 2015

Students who are interested in applying for undergraduate programs in medicine, dentistry and health science commencing in 2016 will have to complete Undergraduate Medicine and Health Sciences Admission Test (UMAT) 2015. Is UMAT required for the course you wish to apply for? The test is used specifically to assist with the selection of students into [Read More…]

DRISS grants available for dentists relocating to rural areas

DRISS 2015

The Department of Health is offering more rounds of grants through the Dental Relocation and Infrastructure Support Scheme (DRISS). They are encouraging registered dentists to relocate to regional and rural areas in order to support dental service distribution in these communities. DRISS will support the relocation by providing following grants: Relocation Grants of $15,000 to [Read More…]

AHPRA to introduce further drug screening procedures for practitioners with substance related impairment

AHPRA drug testing for health practitioners

The Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) will be introducing mandatory hair testing for all practitioners with a substance related impairment. Under the screening protocol, all health practitioners who have restrictions on their registration linked to previous substance abuse will have routine hair testing in addition to the urine drug screening as per the interim [Read More…]

Is graduating and going into a high paying job as a dentist no longer a reality? By 2011 grad Viet Nguyen

Viet Nguyen 2

“Today’s dental school graduates can no longer automatically expect a high paying job fresh out of their school experience. Long gone is the time when countless employers would woo each new graduate, whose calendar almost overnight would fill with new patient appointments. Fast forward from those golden years to 2015 and the stark reality that [Read More…]

Upskilling online made possible by Monash University

Monash Online courses for health professionals

The health industry is incredibly rewarding yet can be a mentally draining area to work in. Take it from Natasha Jennings of the Alfred Hospital’s Emergency and Trauma Centre, who shared her typical day online at Health Victoria. Her exhausting day begins at 5am and she is seeing patients as soon as she steps into [Read More…]

Where are the dentistry courses in Australia?

dentistry courses in Australia

According to the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA), there are 9 schools of dentistry located in 5 states throughout Australia. New South Wales University of Sydney – Surry Hills (post-graduate only) Charles Sturt University – Orange (undergraduate) Victoria La Trobe University – Bendigo (3 year undergraduate + 2 year post-graduate) University of Melbourne – [Read More…]

What’s the best diet? Free public event in Brisbane run by Dietitian Connection

Dr Joanna McMillan

Dietitian Connection has put together a world-class program of speakers so that your patients / clients and any member of the public can go along and hear about what they should REALLY be eating. With the theme “What’s the best diet? Paleo? Gluten-free? Sugar-free?” the event is sure to do some major myth-busting about what [Read More…]

Are your clients gluten free for the right reasons? by Sally Marchini APD

Sally Marchini dietitian

Accredited Practising Dietitian Sally Marchini was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes almost 40 years ago and then coeliac disease 13 years ago. It was that second chronic disease diagnosis that inspired her to go to university to become a dietitian, both to benefit her own health and lead by example to help others to enjoy [Read More…]

Two Victorian dentists in the courts

dentists in court

Mr Adel Abraham A Victorian man was ordered to pay $20,000 plus costs of $7,829 at the Magistrates’ Court of Victoria on 18 September, on charges of pretending to be a registered dentist. Mr Adel Abraham had been a registered dentist, but due to previous convictions, his registration was cancelled by the Dental Council of [Read More…]

What do patients think about digital health? By Cathie Reid – Digital Health Summit post 4

technology in health

This is the fourth and final post in my series from the Digital Health Summit at CES 2015, following on from posts on wearables, disrupting the doctor visit, and how pharmacy can avoid its own Kodak moment. It was fantastic to see the program include a session on the patient perspective, as all too often [Read More…]

GAMSAT 2015 registrations close soon


If you are looking at applying for post-graduate courses in medicine, dentistry, optometry or podiatric medicine in 2016 or 2017, you may need to sit the Graduate Medical School Admissions Test (GAMSAT) this year. Is GAMSAT required for the course you wish to apply for? If you hold a Bachelor’s Degree, GAMSAT is at least [Read More…]

A day in the life of a dentist – by Viet Nguyen

A day in the life of a dentist

“It is 7am and my iPhone alarm is constantly screaming at me to wake up. As I’m about to hit the snooze button so that I can get an extra 15 minutes of sleep, I realise that I have a patient booked at 9am this morning. I can remember from the appointment book that it [Read More…]

Our 2014 forecast was right: over 20% of dental graduates missed out on a full time job

jobs rate for 2014 dentistry graduates

Okay, so as a human being usually I like it when my predictions are right….. but…. not so much when it involves Australian university graduates missing out on jobs. This year I had labour market infographics published in the Career Development Association of Australia’s Australian Career Practitioner magazine and in the Career Education Association of [Read More…]

One student dentist to win a trip to the American Dental Association Scientific Session in Washington D.C. in 2015

SCADA dentistry prize

Dental schools in Australia, New Zealand and Fiji will be selecting one undergraduate student clinician to do a poster presentation of their research at the Australian Dental Association Congress in Brisbane in March 2015. From these presentations at the Brisbane congress, one overall winner will represent Australia, New Zealand and Fiji via an all-expenses paid [Read More…]

8 year old UK boy called “Jaws”

paediatric shark teeth

What if your permanent teeth came through, but your baby teeth were not falling out yet? You could be “Jaws”, as Zak Brown, an 8 year old UK boy who have two rows of  teeth on both his upper and lower jaws. Zak has been featured in the media such as the UK Daily Mail, [Read More…]

Who needs a dentist when you can do the “outback yank?”

Rural dentistry

A shortage of dentists in rural and remote areas of Australia has forced rural people to pull out their own diseased teeth, according to a report in the Herald Sun. This self-extracting called the “outback yank”, which is simple but a daring method using a pair of pliers. The Royal Flying Doctors Service are not [Read More…]

List of Dental Specialization

areas of specialization in dentistry

Here’s some information especially for you if you are considering a career in dentistry and want to know what the areas of specialization are. The Dental Board of Australia has developed registration standards for each of the specialties, but here is a list of what these areas are: 1.    Dento-maxillofacial radiology Diagnostic imaging procedures applied [Read More…]

AHPRA seeking health practitioner members for 11 of its 14 boards

AHPRA national board applications

AHPRA is seeking to fill 102 practitioner and community member vacancies on 11 of its national boards. Professions which have board vacancies for health professionals are Chinese medicine, chiropractic, dental, medical, nursing & midwifery, optometry, osteopathy, pharmacy, physiotherapy, podiatry and psychology. The functions of a national board include the registration of students and practitioners in [Read More…]

Methamphetamine use and oral health

Methamphetamine oral health

Sharon Liberali, Director of the Special Needs Unit at the Adelaide Dental Hospital, has been featured in the media regarding the impact of drug use on oral health. In an ABC interview, she described the occurrence of “meth mouth”, which is on the rise especially among teenagers and young adults who use methamphetamine. According to [Read More…]

ADA Tells Dentists not to Let Private Health Insurers Dictate Their Fees

Private health insurance dentistry

The Australian Dental Association (ADA) has released a number of resources for dentists about health insurance, providing information about the ins and outs of the private health insurance industry as it relates to dentists and their patients. One of the resources is a fact sheet called “More gain or more pain? Do I want to [Read More…]

Dental student associations around the world

Dental student associations

While Australian dental students are most likely aware of their university dental association, the  Australian Dental Association (ADA) and the Australian Dental Students, there are opportunities to network with dental students from all over the world that facilitate communication and networking between dental students. Some of the leading dental student associations around the world are: [Read More…]

Australian HealthFusion Team Challenge 2014….. and the winners are….

Team UQ

A couple of months ago I was asked to be the Master of Ceremonies at the Australian HealthFusion Team Challenge. Being offered such a great opportunity is a bit of a privilege, and although I was keen to take part in the day, I was also a bit daunted as it is such a full [Read More…]

The mental and physical toll of being a dentistry student

stress and pain in dentistry students

Training to become a dentist can include a significant degree of stress and physical pain, which takes a toll on those affected. In an American study, more than 70% of dental students reported body pain by their third year. A 2005 article published by the Journal of the American Dental Association revealed that 46 to [Read More…]

Despair for graduates as dentistry remains on the Skilled Occupations List

dentistry skilled occupations list

The Australian Dental Association (ADA) national president Dr Karin Alexander has labelled the decision for the Minister for Immigration to keep dentistry on the Skilled Occupations List (SOL) as misinformed. The ADA believes that keeping dentistry on the SOL will bring despair to many newly graduating dentists as dentists with overseas qualifications will continue to [Read More…]

The top 5 dental emergencies – and what to do about them

dental emergencies

Sydney dentist Dr John Kupferman has put together a list of the top 5 dental emergencies on website Dental Hub. 1. Broken Tooth It is one of the most common emergencies concerning teeth and is also one that can be easily fixed. Remember to keep all broken pieces of tooth since the dentist may be [Read More…]

How will the federal budget affect health professions?

federal health budget 2014-2015

The federal government handed down its 2014-2015 budget on Tuesday 13th May 2014. Click here for the expense measures for health. The government intends for budget savings from health to be diverted to the Medical Research Future Fund to help keep Australia at the forefront of the medical research sector. The budget has not been [Read More…]

Time is running out to register for UMAT

umat exam

The Undergraduate Medicine and Health Sciences Admissions Test (UMAT) will be held in testing centres throughout Australia on 30th July 2014. Registrations close at 5pm Australian Eastern Standard Time on 6th June 2014. 14 universities in Australia and New Zealand require UMAT for entry into some of their courses. Generally it is medical, medical laboratory [Read More…]

Australian Dental Association calls on government to review dental workforce

Dental workforce

The Australian Dental Association (ADA) has written to the Minister for Education Hon. Christopher Pyne, asking the government to review Australia’s dental workforce. Following complaints from dental graduates with respect to the job market and monitoring the jobs market, the ADA “is convinced that the dental workforce is saturated and the lack of availability of [Read More…]

Allied health practice owners conference – Maida Learning

Cropped DL Flyer FRONT

Allied health professionals and practice owners now have access to education and professional development specifically for their unique business requirements with the establishment of Maida Learning and its inaugural Healthy Practice Conference being held at Canberra’s Hotel Realm on 16 and 17 May. Director of Maida Learning, Amy Geach launched the conference and her third [Read More…]

Health Fusion Team Challenge registration open to uni students

Health industry report

University students studying a health degree in an Australian university are now able to register a team for the 2014 HealthFusion Team Challenge (HFTC). The HFTC is an award winning program aimed at educating students from different disciplines in the area of collaborative patient care. There are 4 basic steps to being involved in the [Read More…]

April – oral cancer awareness month

Oral cancer

Every day, at least three Australians are being diagnosed with oral cancer. “Survival rates for oral cancer remain low despite advances in treatment and this can be attributed to late detection. Recognizing the risk factors and signs of oral cancer is vital to better prognosis and outcomes,” says Chairman of the Australian Dental Association’s Oral [Read More…]

Advertising guidelines for health professionals changed… just waiting on official AHPRA documentation

AHPRA Action

AHPRA Action, a campaign led by Melbourne surgeon Dr Jill Tomlinson, to have the Guidelines for Advertising Regulated Health Services changed, has had some success, but is still looking for the guidelines document to be changed. The part of the guidelines in question is in section 6.2.3, where it states that: A practitioner must take [Read More…]

Want to fly to the Northern Territory to inspire the next generation of health practitioners?

NT Rural High School Visits

The Northern Territory Medicare Local is now taking applications for university health students to fly to the Northern Territory to connect with high school students to promote health careers. Participating uni students will have the opportunity to present workshops to high school students to demonstrate the challenges and rewards of health careers, and also share [Read More…]

More than 5,500 signatures on Australian Dental Association’s Hope for Scope petition

Hope for Scope

On 6th March the Australian Dental Association (ADA) has delivered a petition to Federal Health Minister Peter Dutton calling on the Australian Health Workforce Ministerial Council not to approve changes to the Dental Board of Australia’s revised Scope of Practice Standard for dental practitioners. The “Hope for Scope” petition has over 5,500 signatures. According to [Read More…]

1 in 6 Australian dental graduates seeking full-time employment

1 in 6 dental graduates seeking full time employment

A survey of 2013 Australian university graduates has found that 83.3% had found a full-time job by December 2013. Another 6.8% were not working but seeking full-time employment and, 9.9% were working in a part-time or casual position but seeking a full time job. That’s a total of 16.7% seeking a full-time job, or approximately [Read More…]

“Discover Dentistry” – an online course about dentistry as a career

Discover Dentistry

The University of Sheffield, based in the UK, has put together a free online course called “Discover Dentistry.” Discover Dentistry will offer prospective dental students, health practitioners from other professions, and other interested parties insights about the impact dentistry has on our lives. Followers will learn about the history of the profession, the roles of [Read More…]

Australian Dental Association critical of website rating dentists

White coat

It took three long years for the health fund provider NIB to launch the website called www.whitecoat.com.au. This site lists more than 30,000 professionals in the field of dentistry and other health professions. It carries the purpose of letting customers locate, compare and evaluate health care professionals in a particular region. The Australian Dental Association [Read More…]

The water fluoridation debate continues throughout Australia

Water fluoridation

The issue of water fluoridation in Australia is never far from the headlines. In January 2013, Cairns Regional Council announced that it would remove fluoride from its drinking water. In August, there was a report that the New South Wales state government might over-ride the discretion of local councils to choose what goes into their [Read More…]

Tackling the Big Issues in Oral Health Care Policy in Australia

Australian oral health policy

Back in July I went to the Primary Health Care Research & Information Service (PHC RIS) conference in Sydney. One of the speakers was Dr Len Crocombe, who, as well as being a clinical dentist, is a researcher at the Australian Centre for Population Oral Health. Dr Crocombe spoke about his research about oral health [Read More…]

Dental tourism – what are the risks?

Dental tourism 2

Australians are being enticed to undergo dental procedures abroad. People are attracted to go on an overseas dental holiday because it is said to be a lot cheaper compared to the local rates we have. In addition to this, the thought of being able to go on a holiday while saving more money is a [Read More…]

Grow Up Smiling

Grow Up Smiling - Dental Reform Package

The Department of Health and Ageing has included in its Dental Reform Package a new program, Grow Up Smiling (GUS). It is aiming to provide basic dental service benefits to children aged 2 – 17 years. With $2.7 billion allotted for the estimated 3.4 million beneficiaries, each eligible child is able to receive up to [Read More…]

Wearing a mouth guard vs having teeth knocked out!!

Dentistry - mouth guards

Anyone who is involved in sports or any other related activities suffers the risk of contact injury to the face, specifically in the mouth area. Gold Coast Suns Defender Seb Tape learned this the hard way when he copped a knee to the face in the season opener game against Adelaide in March.  As a [Read More…]

Sjogren’s syndrome – more than just a bitter taste in the mouth!!

Dentistry Sjogren's syndrome

Sjogren’s syndrome is a chronic disease that is characterized by a hallmark symptom – a dry mouth. It is an autoimmune disease that primarily affects the glands that produce tears and saliva. Our body produces saliva in copious amounts for the protection of the oral mucosa and surrounding cavity. It also aids in chewing and [Read More…]

Dentists Call For Action On Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening

Over the years, teeth whitening has gained increasingly popularity due to its aesthetic benefits. However, there are currently measures that block dentists from providing take-home teeth whitening kits for their patients. Ironically ordinary individuals with no oral health qualifications are able to dispense dental whitening kits of certain concentrations despite their lack of experience and [Read More…]

DRISS – could this be the answer to the rural dentist shortage?

Dental relocation and Infrastructure Support Scheme

For many years residents in rural remote areas have been grappling with the scarcity of dental services and professionals in their midst. Could the Dental Relocation and Infrastructure Support Scheme (DRISS) be the answer? The DRISS is a government sponsored grants program that seeks to encourage more dentists to move their practices or establish new [Read More…]

ADA concerns about dental hygienists and therapists practising independently

Dentistry - dental therapists and hygienists

The Australian Dental Association (ADA) has released an article outlining its concerns about the recent Health Workforce Australia report about the scope of practice in the dental industry. Current standards in the industry allow for all practitioners to work to their full scope of practice, and in Australia, dental hygienists and therapists have always been [Read More…]

Voluntary Dental Graduate Year Program officially launched

Voluntary Dental Graduate Year Program

Tanya Plibersek, the Federal Health Minister, visited the Royal Dental Hospital in Melbourne in late January to launch the national Voluntary Dental Graduate Year Program (VDGYP). You can read more about the visit here. This year 46 dental graduates have been placed in public dental facilities throughout Australia, and by 2016, 100 dental graduates are [Read More…]

Dental graduates 2012…. did they get jobs?

Dentistry graduate jobs

Dr Karin Alexander, National President of the Australian Dental Association (ADA) has been in the media quite a bit this week. In previous years, around 93% of Australian dental graduates have found full-time employment, but that the number dropped to 83% at the end of 2012.  So why has this happened? In 2006, there was [Read More…]

Graduating Dentists – what to organise?!?!

Dentistry ADSA

The Australian Dental Students Association recently released the ‘ADSA Graduation Booklet 2012 – A How To Upon Graduating’. And it’s jam-packed with all sorts of useful information for graduating dentists. It’s even handy for people considering dentistry as a profession to see what you are getting yourself into!!   So what sorts of things might [Read More…]

Government Funding of Dental Care in Australia – an Update

Dentistry - govt fund

The past 3 months has brought changes to the Federal Government funding of dentistry services in Australia. Tanya Plibersek, Minister for Health, announced the closure of the Chronic Disease Dental Scheme (CDDS) and the Medicare Teen Dental Plan. Existing patients under the CDDS scheme need to have their treatments completed by 30th November 2012. There [Read More…]

Is a dental workforce oversupply looming?

Too many dentists.jpg

The Australian Dental Association (ADA) has released a document outlining the reasons why Australia may have an impending oversupply of dentists. It is expected that in Australia in 2013, approximately 580 new dentists will graduate, with a further 200 overseas trained dentists entering the workforce. The ADA is calling for the removal of dentistry from [Read More…]

Becoming a dentist

Becoming a dentist

The Australian Dental Council oversees the accreditation of education and training programs for dentists in Australia. So no, taking a drill from the hardware store to your own teeth and calling yourself a ‘dentist’ isn’t going to cut it!! Becoming a dentist in Australia involves being competent in six main areas, which are summarised here: [Read More…]

Let’s Stop the Rot!!

Dentistry stop the rot

The 6th to the 12th August 2012 marked Dental Health Week, which is organised by the Australian Dental Association. The Dental Health Week campaign was all about raising awareness about dental issues. Here are some of the stats and info that make you stop and think….. what the?!?!?!     By the age of 6 [Read More…]