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International Doctors

Working as a doctor in Australia – a guide for doctors with an international qualification

To practise as a doctor in Australia you will need to meet the registration requirements of the Medical Board of Australia. You may also require a visa, which is issued by the Australian Government’s Department of Home Affairs. It is likely that at the time of your application, your particular area of specialty will need to be on one of the Skilled Occupation List. Different visa types correspond to a particular list, which is generally updated once or twice per year. Each list contains different roles within the medical profession, such as “Radiation Oncologist” or “Rheumatologist” or “General Practitioner”.

There are three different pathways to become registered as a doctor in Australia. These are the Standard Pathway, the Competent Authority Pathway, and the Specialist Pathway.

1. The Standard Pathway is for international medical graduates who have a primary qualification in medicine and surgery awarded by a training institution recognised by the Australian Medical Council (AMC). The Australian Medical Council conducts the assessment process for international medical graduates in the Standard Pathway, but not the Competent Authority or Specialist pathways. The Standard Pathway assessment is via either the AMC CAT MCQ Examination and the AMC Clinical Examination, or Workplace based assessment of clinical skills and knowledge by and AMC-accredited authority.

2. The Competent Authority Pathway is a pathway to general registration and does not result directly in recognition or registration as a specialist in Australia.

3. The Specialist Pathway is for applicants who are overseas trained specialists applying for specialist recognition in that specialty in Australia, applying for an area of need position in Australia, or wishing to undertake a short period of specialist or advanced training in Australia.

The Australian Medical Association also has information for international medical students and graduates, as does Doctor Connect.

The process of going from international medical graduate to registered doctor in Australia is complex and can be quite arduous. At My Health Career, we have personally met with representatives of People Medical Consulting and are completely convinced that they have your best interests at heart and will be able to guide you through the process. For this reason, we recommend you engage their services. Go to