Dr Rebecca Ray – Clinical Psychologist

Rebecca Ray headshotDr Rebecca Ray is a clinical psychologist, freelance writer, and blogger. She studied at Griffith University and at the University of Newcastle. Rebecca holds a Doctorate of Clinical Psychology and completed her thesis on posttraumatic stress disorder in Veterans. She specialises in the treatment of trauma (especially with Veterans and current serving defence force personnel, and members of QLD and NSW Police Services), depression, anxiety and personal development and the use of mindfulness-based approaches, particularly Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT).


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Dr Gemma Russell, Clinical Psychologist

Gemma RussellGemma commenced a Bachelor of Science with a double-major in psychology and sport/exercise science at the University of Auckland, New Zealand. She went on to achieve first-class honors and completed a Doctorate of Clinical Psychology, with a thesis in Forensic Psychology. As far back as she can remember her favourite television programme was Midsummer Murders. Now some may say that this was not a program for a child, however Gemma describes this as her first inspiration for understanding how and why people behave the way they do. Gemma’s passion for understanding how humans think, feel and behave has been relentless, enhanced by the struggles of her own life (link to my story).

Gemma’s journey to be a Clinical Psychologist encompasses some of the more difficult aspects of the human experience. Gemma’s original passion for understanding human behavior led her to work within the New Zealand Criminal Justice System, holding a variety of roles, including Parole Officer, Corrections Prosecutor, Clinical Psychologist preparing court reports for the criminal and family court, as well as running intensive treatment programs for Violent and Sexual Offenders. Gemma relocated to Melbourne, Australia in 2011, where she took her passion for the forensics and combined it with her interest in mental health, working for the Royal Children’s Hospital in Victoria, Australia. Gemma then transitioned to Monash Health, where she provided a key role assessing mental health diagnostic conundrums for major stakeholders and providing recommendations for treatment/intervention.

In 2012, Gemma founded Clever Minds Psychology a private practice in Melbourne, Victoria, in an effort to address a gap in the area of psychological health. This clinic offers an innovative solution to accessing psychology that is timely, effective and based on what the evidence says works, rather than an airy fairy approach to change. Gemma enjoys working in the area of emotional difficulties, this can include depression, anxiety, anger, or in areas of more complexity such as trauma or personality.

In light of Gemma’s passion for development and she has in many ways always been invested in the practice of psychology as a discipline. As a young psychology student, she was always signing up for the latest human or social experiment, later tutoring University students, and now days supervising and mentoring Masters students at Cairnmillar Institute who are pursuing the rigorous process of becoming a Psychologist.

Gemma’s article on My Health Career:

Mark Korduba  BA Psych (Hons) M (OrgPsych) MAPS

Mark commenced a Bachelor of Arts with a double-major in psychology at the University of Queensland in 2002. He went on to complete a Masters of Organisational Psychology in 2007. During his time at university, he ran a high-school tutoring business, and, following in the footsteps of his high school tutor, taught students not just about their school subjects, but also about the tools for success in life.

At the time of studying for his Masters qualification, Mark tutored 1st and 2nd psychology subjects at university, worked with a training consultancy (ODR), and then as a Project Officer in the area of Organisational Development with Brisbane City Council. He also worked for Hudson, a large multi-national consultancy company in outplacement services. In 2008, on graduation from tertiary study, Mark worked for the City of Westminster in central London as an Organisational Development Advisor for one year, and returned to Australia following the Global Financial Crisis.

Mark recalls saying that he wanted to be a ‘businessman’ from an early age, but did not know at the time how that may become a part of his future. In 2009, Mark returned to Brisbane and set up his own Psychology practice. He has worked extensively in the areas of anger management, depression and anxiety and relationship counselling, and adolescent health.

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Tric Gibson – Psychologist MAPS

Tric’s love of learning led her from her initial profession of school teaching, into focused, in-depth study about how we learn, and hence her continued study in the field of psychology. Tric first registered as a psychologist in the early 1980s and has been practicing in varied roles since this time. She has also studied neuro-linguistic programming and is a trained mediator.

Tric has been involved in a number of businesses over the years, including an intellectual property business. She has developed particular expertise in the area of corporate training. Tric has run many programs to improve communication and productivity in corporate environments. This has included “Speaking and Presentation Mastery” training.

Tric has supervised psychology students in a clinical setting, and ensures that the client receives high quality care, and the student high quality coaching. She was one of the founding practitioners of what is now known as the Park Road Medical Centre, a holistic practice in Brisbane’s inner-west. Tric often co-manages her clients with general practitioners and other health professionals to ensure that the mind and body are working cohesively for a healthy outcome. Tric has written an e-book called “The 10 Un-Commandments of Work/Life Balance”, which is a must-read for anyone who wants a happier, balanced and more productive life.

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