Shay McClurg – Podiatrist

Shay has contributed greatly to the profession of podiatry in Australia. She was president of the Queensland branch of the Australian Podiatry Association from 1993-2000, and in 1997 served on the Health Rights Advisory Committee. She has also been a member of the Podiatrists’ Registration Board. She is currently the national representative for podiatry services with a major private health insurer.

Shay started her first podiatry clinic in 1989, and now owns four clinics in south-east Queensland. After practising near a dance school, she saw a need to develop the invention which she patented as ‘Arch Angels’. These are flexible insoles for dancers, and are sought after by dancers all over the world.

Shay studied podiatry as a mature age student after a career in nursing. She was attracted to the profession of podiatry because she saw the possibility of providing individual care to her patients, and, in particular, spending as much time as she felt was necessary for each patient to achieve the best results. She is passionate about helping people with their foot and lower limb conditions as she is well aware of the impact these problems can have on people’s lives.

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