Kids being pushed too far on the sporting field

The ABC has published a story about some adolescent athletes being pushed too far, at a time when rapid changes in their bones and muscles leave them at an increased risk of injuries when they play sport.

Dr David Hunter from Sydney’s Royal North Shore Hospital says that sporting injuries in childhood are responsible for 20% to 30% of osteoarthritis cases in adults, some of whom are as young as 30 at the time of diagnosis. He is part of a group calling for injury prevention exercises to be a standard part of the training for youth sports in Australia. He has said that kids training too hard and too long before their bodies have a chance to mature are fatiguing and getting overuse injuries.

Paediatric medicine specialist Dr Carolyn Broderick is one of the authors of a report that says that injuries make up 5% of GP visits in children, but 10% during adolescence. It is estimated that in total, there are 880,000 GP visits by children and adolescents each year for a musculoskeletal injury.

Image: Marianne O’Leary – flickr

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