Australia’s most loved physiotherapist to be announced soon!

Drumroll please…. The winner of the national “I Love My Physio” competition – Australia’s most loved physiotherapist will be announced tomorrow.

Gill Hicks 1The Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) launched the 2015 I Love My Physio campaign with Gill Hicks MBE as the ambassador. Ms Hicks lost both her legs in one of the London Underground explosions during the 2005 bombings, and underwent extensive rehabilitation and physiotherapy to help rebuilding her life.

The APA have Hicks as the ambassador because she is an inspiration and testament to the role physiotherapy can play in the rehabilitation of patients. Hicks is the first to admit that she wouldn’t be where she is now if it wasn’t for her physiotherapist helping her both mentally and physically to regain her independence and now completely mobile with prosthetic legs.

Hicks sGil Hicks 2aid that physiotherapists not only work to prevent, maintain and treat injuries, but that they were also there to help in a very difficult, personal journey. The I Love My Physio campaign is the perfect way to celebrate physiotherapy in all its glory whilst recognising the importance of all aspects of the relationship between a physio and their patient.

In its fourth year, the I Love My Physio campaign is invited Australians to share their stories of how their lives have improved with support from a physiotherapist, for the chance to win a travel voucher to kick off a thrilling adventure for themselves and their physiotherapist.

One of the entrants from Queensland had this to say about the treatment she received from her physiotherapist Jessica:

“By September this year I’d had 18 montI love my physio 2015hs of daily headaches, fatigue, and a range of other symptoms resulting from a mild traumatic brain injury I experienced in March last year. I’d also had a total of 225 days and nights of dizziness; unpleasant spinning and falling sensations which occurred every time I tilted my head up or down, or when I turned over in bed.

The neurologists assured me these symptoms would resolve in time but they couldn’t forecast when. It was frustrating just waiting and hoping for recovery so I was elated when I eventually learnt that a neurological physiotherapist might be able to assist.

My wonderful physio assessed my symptoms, diagnosed my condition and performed treatment within our first session. Effective immediately my dizzy symptoms had completely gone. It felt like a miracle but as Jessica said, “it wasn’t a miracle it was science”.

In the five weeks since then we’ve worked together on treating my vestibular system via a series of gaze stability exercises. This week we agreed I no longer needed to see Jessica.”

My physiotherapy experience was an overwhelming success. Since my first treatment I have not experienced any dizziness whatsoever. My headaches and fatigue have reduced in frequency and intensity. I’ve started exercising again, and for the first time since the accident I’ve almost felt normal. It’s a feeling I cherish and can only thank Jessica for her role in getting me there.

Gill Hicks 3

Competition entries opened on 19 October and closed on November 30th. Entrants required patients to enter online at Voting was open to the public from December 4 to 14.

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