Physiotherapy in the Australian Defence Force

The Australian Defence Force requires the services of physiotherapists for a range of services, which, depending on the type of employment, can include clinical, managerial and rehabilitation work. Some physiotherapists can be deployed and spend time managing the chronic and acute injuries of defence force personnel.

Physiotherapists can enter the Australian Defence Force in three ways:

•    Military – Physiotherapists working with the military can be assigned overseas or in operation areas of the Defence Force. They are also known as the “uniformed physiotherapists”. They are required to undergo officer courses, weapon handling and logistics education. Regular fitness activity should be carried out as well. With this, almost all physiotherapy works are performed in huge bases along with some field work.
    APS (Australian Public Service) – In this, physiotherapists focus on managerial or clinical work. The kind of clinical duties performed by physiotherapists in the Defence Force depend may include sports injuries, road trauma, occupational health matters, war injuries, rehabilitation and training.
•    As a Contractor – Contracted physiotherapists work in huge health agencies like Chandler Macleod to support the Defence Force. The job involves treating patients all throughout the day. Typically, the task involves 8 hours of clinical duty and other appointments like rehabilitation tasks to aid injured soldiers who are not able to return to duty.

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