Australian Physiotherapy Association puts physiotherapy referrals direct to specialists up as a cost saving measure

The Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) has chosen a time when the federal government is looking to trim its health spending as the time to put forward its case to save Medicare over $13 million each year.

Physiotherapy referral to medical specialistsThe APA is using data from the Centre for Applied Health Economics and the Deeble Institute as evidence to suggest that physiotherapists should be able to refer patients directly to medical specialists, bypassing the current need to the patient to see their GP for a referral.

APA CEO Mr Massis said “it will lead to immediate and significant lasting changes that will benefit patients and our healthcare system. It’s a simple reform that could save the Medicare Benefits Scheme millions.”

The APA has released its 2015-2016 Pre-Budget Submission Physiotherapist referral to specialist medical practitioners, which details its recommendations on referrals to specialists. According to the document, the savings to Medicare would be $13,641,362 per annum, with the savings to patients $2,175,407.

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  1. Julie Myers says:

    It sounds like it is really helpful for the physiotherapists to be able to refer their patients to specialists. That way, if they notice that their patient has some health concerns or needs extra treatment, it is easy to get an appointment. I definitely think that it is good for patients to look to get physiotherapy treatment along with getting help from their GP or other specialist. Thank you for sharing more about this change!

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