Physiotherapist brings urinary incontinence to the stand-up comedy stage

physio for urinary incontinenceThe Guardian has reported on physiotherapist Elaine Miller, who had just given birth to her third baby when she realised that she had urinary incontinence. Her condition improved after practising three different pelvic floor exercises, three times a day.

Sadly, Elaine found that many women with the same condition know nothing about the benefits of pelvic floor exercise, so as a part-time physiotherapist, she decided to take the campaign to the stage, in the form of standing comedy.

During her act, Miller talks about her experience with urinary incontinence in a way that makes it a “not so taboo” topic.

Facts about urinary incontinence that Elaine Miller fits into her comedy act include:

  • That three-quarters of women with the condition have never sought help from a health professional
  • That figures from the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP) show that 56% felt too embarrassed with the problem and 16% felt ashamed
  • That it’s a huge problem that has a simple solution

Miller hopes to take part in research about comedy and health, has developed a smartphone app reminding people when to do their pelvic floor exercises.

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