Amy Fortescue – B.Optom/BSc.(Hons) UNSW

Amy finished Year 12 in 2005, and went straight into optometry at the University of New South Wales in 2006. She was in the cohort of students who completed the first 5 year optometry program at UNSW. Amy graduated with Honours in 2010, and has been practising at Eye Q Optometrists at Ramsgate Beach in Sydney since this time.

Amy’s ‘number one’ piece of advice to future optometrists is to start working in an optometry practice before you graduate in a capacity as a receptionist or assistant. This is closely followed by her ‘number two’ piece of advice, which is to find an optometrist who is willing to mentor you upon your graduation.

Amy has an interest in children’s vision as she enjoys the holistic approach taken by behavioural optometrists. She is keen to specialize in children’s vision after she grows her experience as a clinical optometrist.

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Jason Holland – Optometrist – B.App.Sci.(Hons) QUT

Director – Optometrists Association Queensland 2009 – present

Jason graduated from Queensland University of Technology’s School of Optometry in 1994 with honours. He spent the first 6 years of his career as a locum optometrist for the Optical Superstore in practices throughout Australia. In 2000, he began part-time work with Dr Andrew Apel, a Brisbane-based ophthalmologist who specializes in the eye’s anterior segment (i.e. the front of the eye). Jason now plays an integral role in the patient’s pre- and post- operative management.

In 2002, Jason’s role at The Optical Superstore advanced to the point where he now manages the optometrists for the Optical Superstore nationally. He frequently recruits newly graduated optometrists to join his team of over 90 optometrists nationally.

In 2011, Jason was invited to be on Deakin University’s Advisory Board when they were compiling the optometry program. He gave advice on key issues such as clinical placements, and, in 2012, Deakin University started its optometry course with 72 student enrolments.

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Jonathan McCorriston – B.AppSci(Optom)

Jonathan is an award-winning optometrist. In 2010, he was the recipient of the Eyecare Plus Professional Recognition Award for achieving the highest standards of practice. This prize included further training in the optical industry in Paris!!

Jonathan began his optometry studies as a mature age student at Queensland University of Technology in 2003 after a career in the retail and manufacturing industries. He had also run his own window covering business. During the course of study at QUT, he developed a keen interest in specialty, custom-made contact lenses and has pursued this area since graduating in 2006. He is a member of the Cornea and Contact Lens Society of Australia and the Orthokeratology Society of Oceania.

Jonathan has completed training for certification as a Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) designated, meaning that he will be able to complete vision assessments for people in the aviation industry. He also provides care for patients with reduced vision and is passionate about helping his patients to understand their vision and look after their eye health.

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Michael Hare – Optometrist – Dip.AppSci(Optom) FAAO DPA Grad.Cert.(Ocular Therapeutics)

Queensland Optometrist of the Year in 2002, Michael commenced practice as an optometrist in Southport on the Gold Coast in 1977. He was a councillor for the Queensland Division of the Optometrists Association Australia for over 20 years, and State President from 1992-1994, as well as National Vice President from 1994 – 1999.

Michael has been a participant in the teaching of optometry students at Queensland University of Technology (QUT) through lecturing and as a clinical supervisor. He continues to offer training placement opportunities for students enrolled at optometry schools in Australia.

He has published widely in optometric publications and is the recipient of awards in international optometry clinical photography competitions. He was one of the first Queensland optometrists to receive his Ocular Therapeutics qualifications.

Michael is a Fellow of the American Academy of Optometry, and a member of the National Vision Research Institute, The Australian College of Optometry and the Australian Optometric Panel. His international humanitarian aid missions have seen him provide eye care to the people of Western Samoa, and the Federated States of Micronesia.

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Raymond (Ray) Fortescue – BOptom(Hons), FCLSA, AAICD, Executive Chairman Eyecare Partners

After graduating as an optometrist, Ray began practising in Ramsgate Beach, Sydney in 1979, and by 1981 was the owner of the practice. He has built the practice from a small, part-time 30sqm practice to a 200sqm practice with three optometrists, and continues to practice at Ramsgate Beach on a full-time basis.

In the late 90’s, Ray worked with Tony Hanks as the first optometrist to join the Eyecare Plus group of optometry practices in Australia. This brand grew to encompass over 150 practices, and, in 2007, a sub-group of these practices was formed under a new entity Eyecare Partners Limited. Ray is the Executive Chairman of Eyecare Partners, which raised $4.795 million in its public offer. As at early 2012, there were 34 optometry practices trading as ‘Eye Q Optometrists’ within this group. Eyecare Partners gives its participating practitioners a blend of corporate business support while encouraging the highest standards in eye care.

Clinically, Ray has a particular interest in contact lenses. He has been involved with the Cornea and Contact Lens Research Unit (CCLRU) and also in clinical trials before new contact lenses are released into the marketplace. He was one of the first Australian practitioners to be offering ortho-keratology to his patients, which is an alternative to wearing contact lenses during the day.

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