General practice dodges Medicare bullet…. for now

General Practice MedicareWhile the Australian Medical Association has welcomed the Federal Government’s decision to take the Medicare changes that were scheduled to start on Monday off the table, doctors and the wider health industry should stay tuned. After the announcement of the decision, Federal Health Minister Sussan Ley also mentioned that we spend $20 billion (per annum) on Medicare, but raise only $10 billion from the Medicare Levy.

So while today it is GPs and their patients who have dodged the bullet, don’t be surprised when cuts to the health budget surface soon in another form….

Here is the sentiment from the AMA and the AMA president today:

AMA President Brian Owler had previously said that the Medicare rebate reduction for Level B consultations lasting less than 10 minutes was “a Budget cut, not a health policy” and that it would not do anything to tackle “six minute medicine.”

The ABC has published a video where Sussan Ley makes the announcement.

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