Consultation about cosmetic procedures

The Medical Board of Australia is seeking feedback on the best way to protect consumers who seek cosmetic medical and surgical procedures.

cosmetic procedure consultation Medical Board of AustraliaThe 4 possible outcomes moving forward are doing nothing, boosting consumer education, providing less explicit guidance, and specific guidance for registered medical practitioners who provide cosmetic procedures.

New guidelines are being proposed to help keep the public safe without imposing an unreasonable regulatory burden on practitioners. They include:

  • A seven-day cooling off period for all adults before procedures
  • A three-month cooling off period before procedures for all under 18s, along with mandatory assessment by a registered psychologist or psychiatrist
  • Explicit guidance on informed patient consent
  • Explicit responsibility for post-operative care by the treating practitioner
  • Mandatory face-to-face consultations before prescribing cosmetic injectables
  • Detailed written information about costs
  • Limits on where cosmetic procedures can be performed

Chair of the Medical Board of Australia, Dr Joanna Flynn AM says “we are looking for the best way to manage risk to patients without limiting or making judgements about consumer choices.”

The Public Consultation Paper and Regulation Impact Statement is available here.

Submissions can be emailed to by Friday 29th May 2015.

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