Antibiotic resistance featured by….. an economist on TED!!!

TEDOver the past 70 years, antibiotics have been transformed from life-saving drugs into drugs “which have been used rather frivolously in some instances” according to Ramanan Laxminarayan an economist who is researching drug resistance as a problem of managing a shared global resource.

In this following video, he calls on every sector, patients and doctors to think about antibiotics resistance, which is now becoming a global issue.

Online media outlet has also published a scathing article with the headline:

Half of all doctors prescribe antibiotics for colds and flu driving antibiotic resistance

To prevent us from going back to the time when people are killed “by a blade of grass” as Ramanan Laxminarayan puts it, organisations such as NPS Medicinewise are raising awareness of antibiotic resistance in Australia. They have published the top five key messages for health professionals:

    1. We need to improve prescribing practices and positively influence patient attitudes and expectations about antibioticsantibiotic resistance
    2. We need to establish patient beliefs and expectations about antibiotics and tailor our communication strategies accordingly.
    3. We must manage acute respiratory tract infections in a way that includes discussion about why antibiotics might not be appropriate
    4. Provide written information and verbal advice about antibiotics.
    5. Use patient resources such as Antibiotics Reminder apps by NPS Medicine Wise to help patients take their antibiotics on time

Wisdom spotted at triage @PEDRMCH

Click here for more information about antibiotic resistance for health professionals from NPS Medicine Wise.

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