Selective editing of reviews: illegal or not? AHPRA draws the line

illegal testimonials AHPRA

In light of a recent incident where an organisation was publishing only positive reviews from consumers, AHPRA has published further guidance for advertisers of regulated health services to clarify which review or testimonial editing practices are deemed illegal. AHPRA stressed on the importance of advertisers being responsible of their advertising obligations in accordance with the [Read More…]

Consumer health advocates and doctors slam HealthEngine for sharing private patient information while Australian Dental Association slams Whitecoat

HealthEngine patient data breach

HealthEngine, an online service that allows users to browse its health care provider directory and book appointments had reportedly passed on patient data to third parties such as plaintiff law firms. Several patients have complained about receiving direct marketing material based on their personal data. The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) reported that sharing of private [Read More…]

Federal Budget 2018/19: What’s in it for key health industry organisations?

Health Federal Budget 2018

Pharmacy, nursing, exercise physiology, medicine, occupational therapy, dentistry, mental health, consumers and public health….. your guide to what happened in the 2018/2019 health budget. It’s a 20 minute read, so prepare your favourite cup of tea and settle in. Pharmacy The Society of Hospital Pharmacists of Australia (SHPA) welcomed the 2018 Health Budget’s support for [Read More…]

Is mindfulness “right” for you? Here’s how it transformed my practice – by Amanda Griffiths, founder MHC


I’m not here to say whether mindfulness may be right or wrong for you. Only you can explore that for yourself. However, I would really, really like to share the stuff I’ve come across during my mindfulness journey in the hope that it will give you a greater understanding of what mindfulness is and isn’t. [Read More…]

Choosing a business coach – by Amanda Griffiths, founder MHC

Choosing a business coach

It’s no secret that when I started this website back in 2012 I had no idea what I was doing. I’d been to some courses and knew the nuts and bolts of putting together a website. I knew that I would need to install Google Analytics, do keyword research and have an email system. I [Read More…]

Data breach with your patient records? Are you fulfilling your new legal obligations?

Notifiable Data Breaches scheme for health professionals

Since 22 February, under the Notifiable Data Breaches scheme in Australia, reporting of data breach has become mandatory among individuals and businesses including health services providers. Where a data breach is likely to cause serious harm it must be reported to the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) and any individuals. Despite being encouraged [Read More…]

On love for fusing artificial intelligence and physiotherapy – A Q&A with Phebe Liston

Phebe Liston

“I love the fact that I have been able to use my physiotherapy degree to create multiple business avenues. Not only working in the clinic in which I am a director of, but creating an e-commerce business ( as well as using technology involving AI to create a physio guiding chatbot and collaborating with an international brand [Read More…]

Loving your company culture – by Amanda Griffiths, founder MHC


“Company culture is something that I really hadn’t considered before going to the November conference of the business mentoring course I’m enrolled in. Looking back, I had assumed two things. Get ready to cringe…… I thought that I would just put together a one paragraph mission statement on what My Health Career is about and [Read More…]

Private health insurance report welcomed by Australian Dental Association and Consumers Health Forum of Australia

private health insurance reform

The Australian Dental Association (ADA), has commended the Senate Community Affairs References Committee report on the value and affordability of private health insurance and out-of-pocket medical costs. The ADA says that this report could settle the unfair practices of private health insurers in the dental services and dental insurance market. ADA Federal President, Dr Hugo [Read More…]

Investment in practitioners, children, the aged and mental health. Dentists, doctors, optometrists and pharmacists lay out their wish lists with pre-budget submissions

health industry pre-budget submissions 2018-2019

The Australian Dental Association (ADA), Australian Medical Association (AMA), Optometry Australia (OA), Pharmaceutical Society of Australia (PSA), Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP), The Society of Hospital Pharmacists of Australia (SHPA), and Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrist (RANZCP) have made pre-budget submissions for the year 2018 – 2019. Dentistry In the [Read More…]

World-first guide to developing a workplace wellbeing strategy in health service settings launched by beyondblue

beyondblue health workforce mental health

beyondblue has acted on evidence suggesting that health professionals are at a greater risk of experiencing depression, anxiety and suicide, to produce a guide for health services in developing a workplace mental health strategy. There are a number of benefits for health services that focus on creating mentally healthy workplaces. Research suggests that: Patient experiences [Read More…]

Australia’s record-breaking bulk billing Medicare rate? Debunked by RACGP

record bulk billing rates 2017

Medicare bulk billing rates have hit the highest in recorded history according to the Department of Health. They say that Australians are aware and are taking advantage of this health care benefit with an inflation of 0.6% in 2017 compared to 2016. According to the Department of Health:Fully subsidized Medicare services is not an exception [Read More…]

The dangerous, insidious workplace stress you may not even be aware of – by Anthony Moncada

Anthony Moncada

Over the last few years, compelling evidence has been collated indicating there is a silent but devastating epidemic in our workplaces. Studies from around the globe acknowledge alarming statistics regarding the massive impact of financial stress in the workplace. The human impact is scary and it’s a productivity draining liability for business. Some statistics from [Read More…]

Submissions invited for Senate inquiry of private health insurance

senate inquiry to examine private health insurance

Individuals and organisations are invited to send their submissions to the Senate inquiry on affordability of private health insurance and out of pocket medical costs by 28th July 2017. Issues around private health insurance have been on the radar of a number of industry organisations for some time, with the Australian Dental Association (ADA) having [Read More…]

Reminder to check, correct & comply with professional and legal advertising obligations

regulated health service advertising

Registered health practitioners are reminded to check, correct and comply with their professional and legal advertising obligations. The National Boards and the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) have published a strategy for the National Scheme to help keep health service consumers safe from misleading advertising. AHPRA CEO Mr Fletcher said, “The National Law limits [Read More…]

The ‘Secret’ to making a Fortune – by Anthony Moncada

Anthony Moncada

The experts and commentators rave in awe of its power. They extol its benefits while pointing to a hockey shaped graph depicting exponential growth of your small investment becoming a massive fortune over time. No doubt you have heard all about compound interest, BUT ITS NOT THE SECRET. No doubt you have heard the quote [Read More…]

From scepticism to rolling out the welcome mat: 8 professions respond to the federal health budget

2017-18 federal health budget response

The 2017-18 Federal Budget was handed down on 9 May 2017 by the Turnbull Government. The budget received mixed responses from various health associations and organisations. The freeze will be lifted from bulk billing incentives for GP consultations from 1 July 2017, from standard GP consultations and other specialist consultations from 1 July 2018, from [Read More…]

Just when you thought multitasking was efficient…. Think again…

how multitasking affects the way we think

There was a time when we thought that multitasking was a superpower. We would pride ourselves when we could do two tasks or more at one time, saying it was efficient or that we had a high capacity for concentration. But recent research says that multitasking affects our mind and performance. In his micro-lecture for [Read More…]

“Selfless Selfishness” – Putting yourself first financially IS caring for others – by Anthony Moncada

Anthony Moncada

I recently asked a fellow financial planner about her “mission” as a professional. Expecting the run of the mill warm and fuzzy response about making the world a better place I was surprised by her response (paraphrased): “Number one, make a profit. Secondly, help my clients achieve x, y, z…..” My colleague went on to [Read More…]

Turnbull Government considering unfreezing Medicare rebates

Lifting the Medicare rebate freeze

Health Minister Greg Hunt appears to be considering a deal with the Australian Medical Association and the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners to unwind the Medicare rebate freeze. Minister Hunt says he and Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull will review the rebate in a move that could cost more than $3 billion. There’s a speculation [Read More…]

Exercise Physiology interventions give over 10:1 benefit to cost ratio

exercise physiologist interventions save money

Exercise & Sports Science Australia (ESSA) engaged Deloitte Access Economics to quantify the value of accredited exercise physiologists from the perspective of consumers in Australia. And according to the report, The value of accredited exercise physiologists to consumers in Australia, working with the right expert can not only save lives, but also saves money. CEO [Read More…]

Pay for performance in health care in Australia – research and opinion


The UK and New Zealand have introduced pay-for-performance programs into their primary health care systems. Australian organisations have researched and published reviews and opinions which look at whether these systems are applicable in our system. Australian Policy Online APO research took a comparative approach to exploring pay-for-performance schemes in England and New Zealand, to test [Read More…]

How Young Health Professionals Can Manage Lifestyle Creep – by Financial Planner Yves Schoof

Yves Schoof

As you progress through your career your income earning capacity will continue to increase and will probably accelerate the fastest in your 30’s and 40’s. This is also the time when the demand on your income will be the highest due to mortgage repayments, school fees, holidays, etc. The biggest mistake young health professionals make [Read More…]

Do you know how much it costs you to fill a vacant role? By Susan Rochester


It’s inevitable that staff will leave your business. HR expert and career coach from Balance at Work Susan Rochester breaks down the cost of recruitment in terms of direct and indirect costs. Identify your direct costs The direct costs of replacing a departing employee include: Expenses of advertising the vacancy Fees paid to recruitment agencies [Read More…]

Health industry voices its opinions as the #healthelection2016 looms

health funding around federal election

Health organisations around the country have been lobbying for a greater share of the health spending dollar in the lead up to the election tomorrow. Federal Minister for Health, Sussan Ley, claims to have put patient outcomes at the centre of health reform in the Federal Budget released in May 2016, but many associations are [Read More…]

We’re frozen, there’s no provision for preventative health and it will be difficult for the poor to stay well – the aftermath from the 2016 Federal Health Budget

2016 health budget

The Minister for Health Sussan Ley has said that the 2016 federal budget puts patient outcomes at the centre of health reform, but there doesn’t seem to be much agreement from the health industry. One of the main reasons why the industry hasn’t supported the health budget is due to the freeze on the Medicare [Read More…]

The Myth of the Rich Doctor – by Yves Schoof

Yves Schoof

“The Myth of the Rich Doctor” was a podcast by Perth based financial planner and principal of Yves Schoof, who works with surgeons and medical specialists. The podcast has been transcribed below. You can listen to the podcast here. Kris: Hi Yves. Yves: Hi Kris, how are you? Kris: Good thanks. I’ve been afraid [Read More…]

From frustration to freedom – how physiotherapist Michael Dermansky changed his approach to help his clients achieve results beyond their wildest dreams

Michael Dermansky

We love it when we hear from practitioners who are out there taking their knowledge and skills to the next level to help their patients. That’s exactly what Michael Dermansky is doing at his practice MD Health Pilates….. “I’ve been in the physiotherapy industry since 1998, working to help people not only recover from injuries, [Read More…]

Is the future of healthcare here? Dr Andrew Lin, co-founder of CliniCloud talks connected devices

Clinicloud phone

You may have heard of CliniCloud, the health-tech startup who recently received $5 million in funding. Business partners Dr Hon Weng Chong and Dr Andrew Lin met at medical school, and both had a passion for technology and the benefits it could bring to healthcare. CliniCloud is at the stage of shipping its first product, [Read More…]

From physio to Founder and CEO of Hit 100 – a Q&A with Karn Ghosh

Hit 100 Karn

Even during his busy schedule as founder and CEO of Hit 100, the first company worldwide to tackle the issues faced by people with diabetes or pre-diabetes in a “doctor meets chef” way, Karn Ghosh has answered our questions on what it’s like being starting a startup, what qualities to look for in team members, [Read More…]

25 years of health expenditure in Australia report

health expenditure report AIHW

In 25 years, health expenditure has increased faster than inflation, and has increased as a function of GDP in Australia. The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare released a report, 25 years of health expenditure in Australia, to present data from 1989–90 to 2013–14 describing some of the key trends and explores the relationships between [Read More…]

ADA propose Australian Dental Health Plan but government plans to cut the Child Dental Benefits Schedule

australian dental health plan 2016

The Australian Dental Association (ADA) is “flabbergasted” by the federal government’s plan to reallocate and therefore end funding for the Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS). They have started a petition, which has attracted over 10,000 signatures, and have encouraged dentists, patients and stakeholders to use the hashtag #savetheCDBS on social media and in email correspondence. [Read More…]

Viruses, Adware, Spyware and Ransomware. Do you know how to protect your computer? – by Loc Nguyen

IT for health professionals - Loc Nguyen

Let’s start with a brief history on Malware. Everyone’s heard of the computer virus. It’s been around as long as computers have been. Over time and with the increase in availability of the internet different types of infections have cropped up exponentially. More recently the term Malware has been thrown around more. Malware or Malicious [Read More…]

Obligations for employers of health practitioners registered in professions governed by AHPRA

employing AHPRA registered health practitioners

The Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) has reminded those who employ health practitioners of their obligation to ensure that the practitioners are registered. Employers should check the status of the practitioners before employing them, and note the following points: Practitioners who are registered and whose registration expiration date may have passed will be appear [Read More…]

What could an UberHEALTH trial in the US mean for the health system? By Amanda Griffiths – founder My Health Career


There is no doubt that the face of health care is changing. But, how long will it be before companies like Uber are delivering an on-demand type of care? It’s been over a year since UberHEALTH was knocking on Americans’ doors to administer influenza vaccinations. Free one day trials were conducted on 23 October 2014 [Read More…]

Windows 10 and should you upgrade?

IT for health professionals - Loc Nguyen

If you google “Windows 10 upgrade” you will find hundreds of articles that give you reasons why you should and shouldn’t upgrade. The issue with these articles are that they are geared towards consumers and not business. Larger business will usually have in house IT staff to give them advice but what of small business [Read More…]

$250 million for translating medical research into real benefits

Biomedical Translation Fund

The Australian Government will invest $250 million over two years to help translate Australian health and medical research into commercial reality as part of the National Innovation and Science Agenda (NISA). This investment will provide the funds to improve the quality of life of Australians. The Biomedical Translation Fund alongside the Medical Research Future Fund [Read More…]

Disconnecting: Doing Online Business in a Balanced Way – by Dr Rebecca Ray

disconnecting in business

I started an online business primarily to contribute to the well-being of as many people as possible. Many more people than I could impact face-to-face in clinical practice. Secondary to my altruistic motivations is the lifestyle benefits of online business: The opportunity to work from anywhere with a WIFI connection, the luxury of working from [Read More…]

Exercise interventions in chronic disease management are proven to be cost effective

underutilising exercise physiologists

Overqualified and overlooked? The interventions of accredited exercise physiologists are largely underutilised in the prevention and management of chronic disease. A report by Deloitte Access Economics showed that almost 50% of Australians are living with some form of chronic disease and as many as 13 millions people are at risk of chronic disease. However, it [Read More…]

The Top 5 Things I (Didn’t) Know about Online Business – by Dr Rebecca Ray, founder of Happi Habits

Happi Habits

I have spent the past eight months developing and writing a Positive Psychology-based program consisting of e-books and an online tracking system to measure well-being levels. The opportunity to help so many more people flourish than I could possibly do face-to-face has been my motivation every step of the way, but I wasn’t prepared for [Read More…]

Hiring secrets from Richard Branson and Naomi Simpson

what organisations look for in the prospective employee

Founders of two great business empires, Richard Branson of Virgin Group and Naomi Simpson of RedBalloon have shared their thoughts on what they look for when they are hiring staff. Interestingly, their views are not dissimilar. In a LinkedIn Pulse article titled You can’t fake personality, passion or purpose, Branson shared four principles in the [Read More…]

4 areas of health sector change in the NAB Health in Focus Report

NAB Health in Focus report

A new Australian health ecosystem, new frontiers for practitioners & medical specialists, developments in the pharmacy sector and the future of aged care have featured in Health in Focus – Health Sector Insights which was released by the National Bank of Australia’s NAB Health recently. Here is a summary of the 4 areas: 1.   [Read More…]

Overcoming burnout as a physiotherapy practice owner – Q&A with Nick Schuster

burnout in physiotherapists

Recently we did a callout looking for health professionals to comment on their experience of burnout. We received a response from Brisbane based physiotherapist Nick Schuster, who treats more than 100 of his own patients per week, manages 12 staff, and looks after a growing business. As if that isn’t enough…… Nick also wrote and [Read More…]

From burnout to successful practice, a young family and volunteer projects – by dentist Dr Rachel Hall

Burnout in dentists

“I was 29 years old and had been graduated from dental school for 7 years, I was in the prime of my life or at least I should have been. But instead I had hit a point in life where work seemed too hard, patients were there just to annoy me, my staff didn’t care [Read More…]

6th CPA finally signed – what are the Guild, the PSA, the CHF and the AMA’s views?

6th Community Pharmacy Agreement signed

Federal Minister for Health Sussan Ley this week revealed that the government had signed 5 year agreements with the Pharmacy Guild of Australia, that is, the Sixth Community Pharmacy Agreement (6CPA) and also with the Generic Medicines industry Association (GMiA). The Department of Health have touted the agreements as “landmark deals benefiting consumers,” citing that [Read More…]

Advertising health services is about so much more than the AHPRA guidelines

advertising laws for health professionals

Health practitioners need to be aware that their advertising must comply not just with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) guidelines where appropriate, but also with national law. Consumer Law The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) is the authority who enforces the Competition and Consumer Act 2010. The Act covers areas including false [Read More…]

New medical school in Western Australia the “worst decision in decades”

Infographic made available by AMSA.

The Australian Medical Association’s Western Australian branch has called it the “worst decision in decades.” The Australian Medical Association National President A/Prof Brian Owler has been criticised for his colourful language in opposing it by Treasurer Joe Hockey. The Australian Medical Students’ Association has called for the Federal Government to redirect funding towards increasing positions [Read More…]

The health industry’s reaction to the 2015 Federal Budget

health industry federal budget

As usual, the federal government’s health budget has been a mixed bag for the industry. Professional bodies representing practitioners including podiatrists, pharmacists, occupational therapists, medical practitioners, optometrists, dentists, nurses and medical students have all had something to say about the budget. Here’s a summary……   Building a Healthier Medicare The Government has announced that they [Read More…]

Guild claims details of 6CPA negotiations have been misrepresented

career in industrial pharmacy

The Pharmacy Guild of Australia has said that details of the negotiations around the 6th Community Pharmacy Agreement (6CPA) as reported in an article in The Australian contain “rumour and misinformation aimed at destabilising the current negotiations for a new Community Pharmacy Agreement.” The Pharmacy Guild claims that The Australian story “contains a garbled account [Read More…]

The private practice psychologist – wearer of many hats – by Dr Rebecca Ray

Private practice psychology business

Do you know how many hats you’re comfortable wearing? This is an important question when you’re considering private practice as a psychologist. Already, you’ll wear multiple hats in the therapy room: Assessor Treatment provider Risk manager Emotional container Record keeper And so it goes on. If you are a psychologist in private practice, the hats [Read More…]

What percentage of optometrists will be bulk-billing in 5 years’ time?

optometrist bulk billing

Changes to Medicare have meant that optometry practices have been either considering changes or making changes to their billing procedures. Changes to Medicare In the not so distant past, approximately 97% of optometric consultations in Australia that attracted Medicare benefits were bulk-billed. However, with the budget announcement in May 2014, it became clear that this [Read More…]

Pharmacy Guild slams latest article by News Limited journalist Sue Dunlevy which claims that “taxpayer funded pharmacy millionaires” are being created by a pharmacy monopoly

millionaire pharmacists

For the second time in a month, pharmacists have hit back at News Limited journalist Sue Dunlevy, this time calling her article published in the Daily Telegraph a malicious fantasy. The article, titled How a pharmacy monopoly pushes up your medicine price and makes pharmacies million dollar businesses implies that the 941 pharmacies which have [Read More…]

DRISS grants available for dentists relocating to rural areas

DRISS 2015

The Department of Health is offering more rounds of grants through the Dental Relocation and Infrastructure Support Scheme (DRISS). They are encouraging registered dentists to relocate to regional and rural areas in order to support dental service distribution in these communities. DRISS will support the relocation by providing following grants: Relocation Grants of $15,000 to [Read More…]

PSA Young Pharmacist of the Year calls for an end to negativity around the profession

the positives in pharmacy

In October 2014 Taren Gill was named the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia’s Young Pharmacist of the Year for her work in innovating community pharmacy practice. She has worked extensively in aged care, mentoring and teaching. At the time of receiving the award Taren stated that “I see this as a celebration of my efforts and [Read More…]

Is graduating and going into a high paying job as a dentist no longer a reality? By 2011 grad Viet Nguyen

Viet Nguyen 2

“Today’s dental school graduates can no longer automatically expect a high paying job fresh out of their school experience. Long gone is the time when countless employers would woo each new graduate, whose calendar almost overnight would fill with new patient appointments. Fast forward from those golden years to 2015 and the stark reality that [Read More…]

Private Practice Psychology: So Many Benefits – by Rebecca Ray

Benefits of private practice psychology 1

It’s no accident that the majority of the 32,000 psychologists registered in Australia (Australian Practitioner Health Regulation Agency, 2014) work in some form of private practice. Over 37% of psychologists enjoy the benefits of private practice psychology – on their own, in a group, in a GP clinic or some other form (Health Workforce Australia: [Read More…]

Upskilling online made possible by Monash University

Monash Online courses for health professionals

The health industry is incredibly rewarding yet can be a mentally draining area to work in. Take it from Natasha Jennings of the Alfred Hospital’s Emergency and Trauma Centre, who shared her typical day online at Health Victoria. Her exhausting day begins at 5am and she is seeing patients as soon as she steps into [Read More…]

Pharmacists hit back at supermarket article published by News Corp

supermarket pharmacy

The Pharmacy Guild of Australia’s Victorian president Anthony Tassone and Brisbane pharmacist Chris Owen have taken to Twitter to hit back at News Corp journalist Sue Dunlevy following the publishing of the article A chemist can own a supermarket, but supermarkets can’t own a pharmacy. In the article, it is implied that an IGA x-press [Read More…]

Private practice psychology – 10 indicators to help you decide if you should take the leap – by Rebecca Ray

private practice psychology 1

So you’ve studied for years to get registered as a Psychologist and private practice seems like a good option, hey? It’s a popular choice for psychologists for many reasons. As of 2014, the Australian Practitioner Health Regulation Agency reports that 32,000 psychologists are registered around the country. These psychologists work across a large range of [Read More…]

Setting up ear clinics from scratch – by Shelley Straw

Shelley Straw

Shelley Straw qualified as an Eye & Ear Nurse in 1982, and worked in the Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital for close to 25 years. From ward nursing to Deputy Director of Nursing, she had done it all. In 2006 she had an idea about establishing the first Ear Hygiene Clinic in Australia. Crystal [Read More…]

Is pharmacy facing its Kodak moment? By Cathie Reid – Digital Health Summit post 3

Pharmacy career

“This is the third post in a series from the Digital Health Summit that formed part of CES 2015, with the first talking about the role of sensors and wearables and the second on how the traditional doctor visit is facing significant disruption. Pharmacy has been fighting for greater recognition as a genuine member of [Read More…]

Expansion of practice pharmacist role depends on remuneration

Practice pharmacist role expansion

Remuneration is being touted as one of the major issues involved in integrating more pharmacists into general practice settings. According to a paper published in the Journal of Pharmacy Practice and Research, of the 26 practice pharmacists who completed a questionnaire, most worked as independent contractors in providing services. Practice pharmacists were most commonly conducing [Read More…]

Optometry Australia to take on Federal Government over Medicare fee freeze

Optomety Medicare freeze

While there has been widespread coverage of the $7 GP co-payment model being replaced with the “optional” $5 co-payment model, there was one line in the joint media release from Prime Minister Tony Abbott and Minister for Health Peter Dutton on Tuesday which affects thousands of allied health practitioners around the country: Additionally Medicare fees [Read More…]

Canberra pharmacist Samantha Kourtis wins two major awards in 2014

Canberra Pharmacist ACT Businesswoman of the Year 2014

2014 has been an exceptional year for Samantha Kourtis, a Canberra pharmacist who has taken out two major awards. She has been recognised not only in the scope of community pharmacy, but also in the wider scope of business. Earlier this year, as managing partner of Capital Chemist Charnwood, she and her team were named [Read More…]

Are you illegally taking clinical images with your mobile device?

taking clinical images with your mobile device

Whipping out your mobile phone, taking a quick photo of that suspicious rash and texting it to a colleague might not be the way to go according to the Australian Medical Association (AMA). This week the AMA has released a document Clinical images and the use of personal mobile devices which provides doctors and medical [Read More…]

It pays to become a psychologically healthy workplace.

psychologically healthy workplace

The Psychologically Healthy Workplace Program (PHWP) is an evidence-based initiative developed by The Australian Psychological Society (APS). The program aims to promote psychological health and wellbeing in Australian workplaces. The program is backed by research from PricewaterhouseCoopers which shows that businesses implementing successful mental health strategies will more than double their outlay, with each $1.00 [Read More…]

Setting up an optometry practice? Your competitors might be close by!!

setting up an optometry practice

Are you exploring the possibility of opening up an optometry practice in the future? Then you might want to check out the Optometry Market Analysis (OMA) report compiled by ACIL Allen Consulting, who were engaged by the Department of Health to provide a database of optometry practices in Australia. Proximity of competitors The Optometry Market [Read More…]

ADA Tells Dentists not to Let Private Health Insurers Dictate Their Fees

Private health insurance dentistry

The Australian Dental Association (ADA) has released a number of resources for dentists about health insurance, providing information about the ins and outs of the private health insurance industry as it relates to dentists and their patients. One of the resources is a fact sheet called “More gain or more pain? Do I want to [Read More…]

Promoting your research through traditional media, social media and blogging

promoting research TRI

So what’s Twitter got to do with a researcher’s work receiving citations? According to a paper from the University Health Network in Canada, “highly tweeted articles were 11 times more likely to be highly cited than less-tweeted articles.” If you are a researcher interested in “getting your research out there,” as well as setting up [Read More…]

Pay and Conditions for Primary Care Nurses

nursing pay and conditions

For 10 years, the Australian Primary Health Care Nurses Association has conducted a survey to learn the hourly rates of primary care nurses (who often work in a medical centre) and total wage compensation they received as compared to previous years. In the 2013 survey, 1070 nurses responded to questions about their working conditions and [Read More…]

Physiotherapists – are you aware of where the opportunities are in the health industry?

Opportunities for physiotherapists

As a health practitioner, you have most likely come across patients who complain about other health practitioners. For me, as an optometrist, I most commonly hear patients complain about their GP, ophthalmologist,and…. sorry about this one…. physiotherapist. And what do people complain about? Most of the time it comes down to two things: Firstly, it’s [Read More…]

Health Spending: Where Has the Money Gone?

Health spending

With the recent release of the federal budget, we couldn’t resist an article about where the health spending dollar has gone previously…. According to a report released in March, Health Expenditure Australia 2011-12: Analysis by Sector, released by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW), the health spending in Australia has seen a sharp [Read More…]

How will the federal budget affect health professions?

federal health budget 2014-2015

The federal government handed down its 2014-2015 budget on Tuesday 13th May 2014. Click here for the expense measures for health. The government intends for budget savings from health to be diverted to the Medical Research Future Fund to help keep Australia at the forefront of the medical research sector. The budget has not been [Read More…]

Mixed bag for optometry in the federal budget

optometry budget 2014

The federal government’s 2014-2015 budget contained changes to the Medicare benefits for optometry services in two main ways. These relate to the time frames in which a comprehensive examination can be billed, and to the rebates for optometry services.   Billing time frame for comprehensive examinations For many years, the Medicare rebate for a comprehensive [Read More…]

How AGED FOOT CARE continues to shine – By Damien James

Damien James Aged Foot Care

Following is a guest blog by Damien James, founder and CEO of Aged Foot Care, Australia’s largest and most awarded podiatry provider. Established in 1997, the company caters exclusively to residents in Aged Care Facilities throughout Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland. Here Damien gives us an insight into some of the factors that have [Read More…]

How much money do occupational therapists earn?

Occupational therapist salary

According to a profile on the ABC, the salary range for occupational therapists employed in Australia range from $45,000 to $80,000 per year. The Australian Government’s Job Outlook has published data from an Australian Bureau of Statistics’ August 2012 survey. According to this data, the median full-time earnings for occupational therapists in Australia were $1300 [Read More…]

Scams targeting health professionals

Scams targeting health professionals

A number of industry organisations have warned their members about scams targeting health professionals over the last couple of years. The latest is from the Australian Dental Association. Here are some known scams to be on the lookout for: An individual attempts to make a group booking via email with an advanced payment on a [Read More…]

Google Glass in Pharmacy – by Cathie Reid

Cathie Reid google glass

“I was absolutely thrilled to be offered the opportunity to become a Glass Explorer late in 2013. As a long term lover and early adopter of tech gadgets of all description, I had been fascinated by Glass ever since I first heard about it. The concept of information available literally right before your eyes intrigued [Read More…]

Massive growth in palliative care and aged care jobs

Aged and palliative care statistics Australia

Australia’s ageing population means that there has been significant growth in the number of people requiring aged care and palliative care services. This has also led to an increase in the number of jobs in these areas of health care. Here are some of the Australian statistics for aged care over a recent 10 year [Read More…]