What’s your excuse? Really?!?!

I was flicking through some articles about cytomegalovirus recently as I was considering writing a blog post about it. Well, in the end, I did write a post about it. You’re reading it now!!

You see, I came across an article about Marlana Vanhoose, who was born with complications due to cytomegalovirus, the main one being that she does not have any sight. Marlana is completely blind. But… woah…… can she sing!!!

Obviously you can see from the video that Marlana has immense ability as a singer. But this video of Marlana’s singing made me think about how easy it would have been for her to make excuses and not pursue singing. How easy would it have been for her to say ‘it’s too hard to learn how to sing, I can’t read the music.’ Or ‘I can’t connect with an audience as I can’t make eye contact.’ Or a million other reasons relating to how her blindness could impact her singing.

Then I started to think about how easy it is for ANYONE to make excuses about just about ANYTHING.

Think about a goal you have in life. What’s going to stop you from getting it?

Did you say something to yourself or think about something when you read that last sentence? So which excuse was it? Are you too young, too old, not smart enough, not good looking enough, don’t have the right upbringing, don’t have the resources, don’t have enough experience, don’t have the right friends or aren’t spiritual enough to achieve your goals?

Do you really believe all the stuff that is in your head? I mean, the excuses we make can be very convincing. But do you really believe those excuses? Or do you know that they are just excuses and nothing more? I dare you be more aware of this in the future and catch yourself making excuses. When you know you’re doing it, you can then choose to continue to make that excuse or do something about it. The choice is yours!!

In writing this article I have identified two areas where I’ve been making excuses myself!! So I must get up of my excuse and run along now!!
Amanda :-)

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