Is mindfulness “right” for you? Here’s how it transformed my practice – by Amanda Griffiths, founder MHC


I’m not here to say whether mindfulness may be right or wrong for you. Only you can explore that for yourself. However, I would really, really like to share the stuff I’ve come across during my mindfulness journey in the hope that it will give you a greater understanding of what mindfulness is and isn’t. [Read More…]

Two dietitians, two orthoptists and a microbiologist are asked “what do you love about your job?” Here are their responses…….

Dr Petra Derrington

Sally Marchini, APD at Marchini Nutrition said: “I really do love my job as an Accredited Practising Dietitian. I love people, so being able to help people to improve their well-being, their quality of life and their understanding of their health concerns really does make me happy. I love being able to use my university trained knowledge [Read More…]

Loving your company culture – by Amanda Griffiths, founder MHC


“Company culture is something that I really hadn’t considered before going to the November conference of the business mentoring course I’m enrolled in. Looking back, I had assumed two things. Get ready to cringe…… I thought that I would just put together a one paragraph mission statement on what My Health Career is about and [Read More…]

On treating individuals like a patient and not a disease – By Dr Warrick Bishop

dr warrick bishop headshot

“I ended up as a cardiologist by chance. As a young fellow at high school, I was good at mathematics and technical drawing together with physics and chemistry and thought my career would be in engineering. As fate would have it, I had the opportunity to do work experience in a local civil engineering company [Read More…]

Red Cross dental clinics for refugees and asylum seekers in Sydney

Red Cross dental clinics 2018

The Australian Red Cross, in partnership with the Australian Dental Association New South Wales has scheduled its first mid-week Red Cross clinic on January 31, 2018 to celebrate the dental clinic’s 10th year anniversary. The Red Cross dental clinics, usually scheduled quarterly on Saturdays from 9am to 5pm, aim to provide dental services for refugees [Read More…]

#DeadlyRoos World Cup campaign to improve ATSI health

Deadly Kangaroos

Members of the elite Australian Kangaroos Rugby League 2017 World Cup squad will headline the expansion of a successful grassroots campaign to improve Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health. Minister for Indigenous Health, Ken Wyatt AM, said legendary Kangaroos coach Mal Meninga and other indigenous and non-indigenous players would become ambassadors for the Institute for [Read More…]

Happiness can be found in generosity towards others

happiness of being generous

Research in the field of psychology suggests that a possible motive for generous behaviour is the increased happiness with which it is associated. However, the exact neural mechanisms through which generosity drives happiness remain unknown. A recent study by German and Switzerland’s researchers wanted to explore the idea that generous behaviour is driven by the [Read More…]

Really? Can being connected with others and our purpose in life make us live longer?

the role of life purpose in mortality

Having a purpose in life is an indicator of longevity across adulthood, according to a longitudinal study during its 14 year assessment. The study sought to examine whether purpose promotes longevity across the adult years, using data from the longitudinal MIDUS sample. The study began in 1994-1995 and involved 7,108 participants between the ages of [Read More…]

From freaking out to freaking awesome – how mindfulness transformed my practice – by Amanda Griffiths

AMG PAH with MHC poster

Freaking out – my deepest, darkest fears as a health practitioner For my entire twelve and eleven twelfths year career as an optometrist I’d struggled with my emotions. I think it had started when I was a new graduate in 2004, and because the repetitive thought pattern stayed on, I was always second-guessing everything I [Read More…]

Exhilarating! My week with the Royal Flying Doctor Service – by Rebecca Irwin – medical student and NRHSN Chair

Rebecca Irwin RFDS week

The unique exhilarating experience of flying to remote communities and stations to provide health care is unparalleled by anything I have experienced thus far. I loved flying with the Royal Flying Doctors Service (RFDS) to remote locations, hopping from station to station, community to community, providing health care as we went. Occasionally we were diverted [Read More…]

Physio sets up not-for profit exercise club for men with prostate cancer – a Q&A with Jo Milios

Jo Milios

You know you’ve stumbled upon someone pretty special when you come across a PhD candidate who’s doing the “research translation bit” BEFORE finishing their PhD. That’s exactly what Perth physiotherapist Jo Milios has done in setting up PROST! for patients with prostate cancer. You set up PROST! Exercise Club 4 Prostate Cancer in Perth. Can [Read More…]

From frustration to freedom – how physiotherapist Michael Dermansky changed his approach to help his clients achieve results beyond their wildest dreams

Michael Dermansky

We love it when we hear from practitioners who are out there taking their knowledge and skills to the next level to help their patients. That’s exactly what Michael Dermansky is doing at his practice MD Health Pilates….. “I’ve been in the physiotherapy industry since 1998, working to help people not only recover from injuries, [Read More…]

Your invitation to join the 2016 journey to Everest with Eyes4Everest

Eyes4Everest volunteer

Following on from a successful 2015 trip to Everest, Eyes4Everest is looking for volunteers for its October 2016 trip. In 2015, the team of 5 optometrists and 3 assistants examined 472 children and adults. The outcome? 108 pairs of spectacles and 50 medicated eye drops were prescribed. On top of that 40 people were identified [Read More…]

Professionalism in an age of shifting expectations – by Amanda Griffiths

patient expectations

A while ago I saw this opinion piece published in the BMJ careers section, and it really got me thinking about how the world of health care has changed during the time I was a student and then have gone on to practice. Being published in a medical journal, it talks about medicine, but in [Read More…]

What can Ashton Kutcher teach us about being successful as a health practitioner?

Ashton kutcher’s inspirational speech

Ashton Kutcher delivered an inspirational speech when accepting Nickelodeon’s Teen Choice Ultimate Choice Award. He highlighted the three things that helped him get to where he is in showbiz. So what’s that got to do with the health industry? Well, you might be surprised. Don’t you think that the three points he made apply to [Read More…]

9 things I have learnt in the job search – by dietetics recent graduate Emma Stubbs

getting your first job as a dietitian

“After writing 39 job applications (I swear it was more than this) and undergoing 7 face to face, 3 phone, 1 skype & 1 bloodbath group interview, it would be safe to assume I know one or two things about the dietitian job hunt. There have been some cringe worthy moments – I remember in [Read More…]

Hiring secrets from Richard Branson and Naomi Simpson

what organisations look for in the prospective employee

Founders of two great business empires, Richard Branson of Virgin Group and Naomi Simpson of RedBalloon have shared their thoughts on what they look for when they are hiring staff. Interestingly, their views are not dissimilar. In a LinkedIn Pulse article titled You can’t fake personality, passion or purpose, Branson shared four principles in the [Read More…]

Miss Colorado starts a #notjustanurse and #NursesShareYourStethoscopes movement

Miss Colorado nurse

The profession of nursing, people on social media and big business have rallied around Miss America contestant Kelley Johnson’s decision to give a monologue about being a nurse for her 2 minute talent segment. In the presentation, she gave a gut-wrenching insight about what it’s like to be a nurse, and shared the story of [Read More…]

Thriving versus only just surviving medical school – by Stephanie Pommerel – first year medical student

surviving medical school

I started medicine at the beginning of 2015 as prepared as I could be. GAMSAT preparation was itself a three-month intensive, punctuated by work and guided by a self-directed schedule not unlike that of an athlete, albeit academic instead of physical. Moments where I wasn’t looking at textbooks were spent avidly reading articles in the [Read More…]

#WhyWeDoResearch campaign – by Cheryl Prescott and Claire Gibbs

Claire Gibbs and Abby Greaves

“The #WhyWeDoResearch campaign was conceived and launched via Twitter by Claire Gibbs, Senior Clinical Research Nurse (@ClaireGibbsUK) and Abby Greaves, Research Administrator, (@JPUHResearch) at the James Paget University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust in December 2014. Their intention was to use the hashtag #WhyWeDoResearch as a way to introduce core research team members to the public, [Read More…]

Eyes4Everest fundraising to help rebuild Nepal following the two recent earthquakes

Eyes4Everest earthquake fundraising 3

Eyes4Everest is collecting funds to rebuild schools and homes damaged by the violent earthquakes that shook Nepal on Saturday 25th April and again on 12th May. The organisation travels to the Mt Everest National Park in the Upper Solukhumbu every year to provide primary eye care and training for the hospital staff at the Khunde [Read More…]

4 adults including a clinical nurse, 1 teenager and a fur baby to walk 1850km Canning Stock Route to stop stigma around mental illness

One Step at a Time Canning Stock Route

When I came across this hard-core group of 5 walkers (and Milly the fur baby) plus a support team who are preparing to walk the 1850km Canning Stock Route and fund raise in May in the name of stopping the stigma around mental illness, I couldn’t help but share their story. It’s up close, personal [Read More…]

Cardiologist in a truck becomes the Heart of Australia

Heart of Australia

The Heart of Australia is a 25 metre clinic on a truck that is the brainchild of Dr Rolf Gomes, a Brisbane cardiologist. He had been moved by his concern about the lack of cardiac care in rural and remote areas, and the difficulties undertaken by rural people to access adequate health service. Compared to [Read More…]

How we can ALL take a leaf out of Einstein’s book in 2015….

We can ALL learn from Einstein

You probably know Albert Einstein to be that famous physicist and philosopher who was born in Germany and rose to fame because of his many contributions to science. Most likely, you would be familiar with his famous equation relating to mass-energy equivalence: You might even be aware that Einstein won the Nobel Prize in Physics [Read More…]

Introducing our “serial bloggers” for 2015!!

Bloggers 1

In November last year, I put out a call for a handful of health professionals to become “serial bloggers” in 2015. I was looking for a mixture of recent graduates and experienced practitioners willing to share their thoughts on what’s happening in health. And yes, the “serial bloggers” will each be contributing a series of [Read More…]

Peek: A simple mobile app to examine the eye

Peek mobile eye testing app

Dr Andrew Bastawrous, the ophthalmologist behind the mobile app Peek, has been featured as a speaker for TED. In his talk, he highlighted the fact that of the 39 million people around the world who are blind, 80% of this blindness is from conditions that are treatable or curable.   When Dr Bastawrous started working [Read More…]

Over 61,000 thank yous for 2014 :-)


Obviously it’s that time where we look at bringing in a new year, and reflect on the year just gone. I have so many people to thank this year that I couldn’t possibly name them all in one post. So I’m going to keep this simple…… To the more than 61,000 people who landed somewhere [Read More…]

Why measuring your time in jellybeans can keep you focused and on track….

time in jellybeans

I am a firm believer that we are all put on this earth to make a difference. There is a unique set of life experiences that we each have which defines us, and gives us something that only we can share with the world. But sometimes, rather than sharing our talents and passions, we find [Read More…]

Opportunity for 2015 Schoolies’ to do something inspirational!

Schoolies' 2015

If you are currently a grade 11 student and will be finishing high school in 2015, you might already be starting to think about what you want to do for Schoolies’ next year. If you have looked at options such as partying on the Gold Coast or in the Whitsundays but nothing seems to be [Read More…]

YOU could become a Churchill Fellow – applications open in November!

Churchill Trust

The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust was formed to perpetuate and honour Sir Winston Churchill’s memory, and awards Churchill Fellowships annually. The Trust provides an opportunity for Australians to enrich our society by travelling overseas to conduct research in their chosen field, and bring their acquired knowledge back to Australia. The Trust was set up as [Read More…]

“Nurses helped me find meaning in my mum’s death”

Nursing meaning in mother's death

I came across a YouTube video recently, and couldn’t help but share it. Each health professional has a different life experience which draws them to becoming a health professional, but there was something that jumped out at me when I watched this video. The video is about Jennifer, a registered nurse from Canada, whose mother [Read More…]

Sally Pearson’s story of aiming high

Sally Pearson

Recently I read Sally Pearson’s autobiography Believe: An Inspirational Story of Aiming High. For those of you who might not know her as Sally Pearson, you might remember her hilarious interview (watch the video below) after winning a silver medal at the Beijing Olympics where she went by her maiden name Sally McLellan. Now when [Read More…]

A lesson from Cadel Evans on not giving up!!

Cadel Evans Tour de France

Not so long ago I read a biography about Australian Cyclist Cadel Evans. You might know him as the guy who won the Tour De France in 2011. While I was reading his biography, I couldn’t help but think about how many opportunities Cadel had to quit before staying in cycling to win the world’s [Read More…]

South Australia’s first Aboriginal occupational therapy graduate

Indigenous occupational therapist Trevor Ritchie

As a Kaurna man from South Australia, Trevor Ritchie made history when he completed his Bachelor of Applied Science (Occupational Therapy) in 2013, becoming the first indigenous graduate of this course in South Australia. As a child Trevor suffered from health issues and struggled to keep up with the other kids in the classroom at [Read More…]

How AGED FOOT CARE continues to shine – By Damien James

Damien James Aged Foot Care

Following is a guest blog by Damien James, founder and CEO of Aged Foot Care, Australia’s largest and most awarded podiatry provider. Established in 1997, the company caters exclusively to residents in Aged Care Facilities throughout Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland. Here Damien gives us an insight into some of the factors that have [Read More…]

Age is just a number – what we can learn from a swim champion

Dara Torres

A while ago I read Dara Torres’ autobiography called “Age is Just a Number.” I just remembered it because the Australian Swimming Championships were held in Brisbane recently. So why on earth would I want to rabbit on about an American swimmer?!?! Well, I was familiar with the name Dara Torres. I mean, she is [Read More…]

Want to fly to the Northern Territory to inspire the next generation of health practitioners?

NT Rural High School Visits

The Northern Territory Medicare Local is now taking applications for university health students to fly to the Northern Territory to connect with high school students to promote health careers. Participating uni students will have the opportunity to present workshops to high school students to demonstrate the challenges and rewards of health careers, and also share [Read More…]

Closing the Gap – my perspective, past, present and future – by Harry Pitt

Harry Pitt Closing the Gap

The Sunshine Coast certainly knows how to turn it on for locals and visitors.  I consider myself lucky tolive in such a wonderful community. You really don’t have to travel too far to see many beaches, Mountains and National Parks. Entwined throughout all this is the local Aboriginal Culture, land, stories and lore.  I am [Read More…]

Australia’s most memorable “Last Man Standing”

Salt Lake City 2002 Olympic Games speed skating venue

With the Winter Olympic Games being held in Sochi, Russia from February 7-23, I couldn’t help but think about Australian speed skater Steven Bradbury, who, since becoming Australia’s unlikely first gold medallist at a Winter Olympics has gone on to be a motivational speaker. As you can see from the video, Bradbury became known as [Read More…]

Nominees for Australian of the Year who have improved the health of Australians

Australian of the Year

This year, a number of the nominees for Australian, Young Australian and Senior Australian of the Year have roles in health and medical research. And not all of them have a qualification in a health-related field!! They include: Margaret Mead OAM – a nurse who has treated patients in Democratic Republic of Congo, witnessing the [Read More…]

The secret to making effective New Year’s resolutions

The secret to making a New Year's resolution

Now I’m not one to usually write dramatic headlines like “the secret to” this or that, but I really do think that what I’m about to share with you is so little known it’s practically a secret. I haven’t ever come across anything as remotely powerful as this with respect to sharing New Year’s resolutions. [Read More…]

The road to success

The road to success

After having exhibited at a number of high school careers events this year, I thought it was worth re-visiting an important concept that has been spoken about by many successful people, including basketball players LeBron James & Michael Jordan, and financial educator Kim Kiyosaki. It’s all about the road to success. I think that this [Read More…]

Enthusiasm AND experience… a sensational combination!

Inspirational - enthusiasm and experience

A couple of months ago, I was out and about one night and my car broke down. Hardly the beginnings, of an inspirational story, right? Okay, okay…. let me continue…. it’s what happened next that I thought was inspirational….. It all started when I called the RACQ to come and sort it out. While I [Read More…]

A lesson in changing with the times from Sir David Attenborough

David Attenborough standing ovation

Recently, I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to see Sir David Attenborough live when he toured Australia. You can read a summary of his (rather impressive) biography here. As I listened to Sir Attenborough talk about some of the highlights of his life, it struck me that he is a fantastic example of [Read More…]

Inspirational quotes worth thinking about………….

Inspirational 2

On social media you might come across inspirational quotes from time to time. I thought I would share some of the best quotes I’ve seen in the past few months. Please, please don’t just have a quick glance and think ‘that’s a good one’ as you read each quote. Take a minute to reflect on [Read More…]

Grow from where you are planted

Grow where you are planted

A couple of weeks ago I came across the best two-minute and forty-one second video I’ve seen in… well…. ages!! So what was so good about it? Well, there are some brilliant principles in this video. It was spoken about in the context of business, but you can apply it to anything you are wanting [Read More…]

Failing your way to success

Sara Blakely success

It seems like every second article I’ve seen on social media in the last few weeks is talking about Sara Blakely, who, in 2012 became the youngest self-made female billionaire in history. She’s the creator of Spanx, an undergarment for women that is aimed at creating a “blemish-free look” around hips, bottoms and bellies. And [Read More…]

The real secret about having a mentor!!


Back in January I published a blog post called ‘A mentor – should you have one?’ And wow – it really created quite a stir. I have had people asking me all sorts of questions, from how to engage a mentor to whether they should have a formal arrangement with their mentor, to how often [Read More…]

What does success look like?

What does success look like

Another brilliant guest blog post by Karen Bremner, a Brisbane-based Career Coach who helps clients of all ages to choose, develop and manage their careers. Karen is a professional member of the Career Development Association of Australia and a certified workplace coach, with a background in Psychology and 12 years’ experience in Human Resources.  Karen [Read More…]

A lesson from Katy Perry about being yourself

Inspirational - Katy Perry

Okay, so I admit it. I’ve been a bit of a closet Katy Perry fan since ‘Firework’ was released. Anyone who does an open casting call for a music video looking for kids who have done something to get past their difficulties is pretty freaking cool in my book. So what can we learn not [Read More…]

Don’t die with the music in you – wise words from Wayne Bennett

Inspirational - WB LN

You can learn a lot from people who are successful. And the success doesn’t even need to be in your area of expertise. The principles are the same. Although I’m not a massive footy fan, I am a massive Wayne Bennett fan……. as much as it irks me because I’m a passionate Blues supporter and [Read More…]

Anna Meares – what can we ALL learn from this Olympic champion?

Anna Meares cycling

Three words – preparation, execution, resilience. I had the privilege of being in a room to hear Anna Meares speak with about 25 other people on Sunday 7th October. Being in such an ‘up close and personal’ environment was an experience I will never forget. Anna really brought her ‘whole self’ to the event, and [Read More…]