Yep, Australians really do trust health professionals

In May this year Roy Morgan revealed the results of a telephone survey conducted to see which professions are the most highly regarded in Australia. Out of all 30 professions in the survey, nurses topped the list as being the most ethical and honest profession there is. This trend has remained unchanged since 1994 – a total of 19 years in a row.


Leading the pack, the nursing profession has garnered 90% favorable responses, closely followed by doctors with 88%, pharmacists with 84%, engineers and school teachers are tied with 76%, and dentists making it to the top 6 with 74%.


Four out of the top six most regarded professions in Australia were in the field of health. These professions have enjoyed high ratings for values such as honesty and ethical adherence.


So what does this mean for budding health professionals? You are coming into an industry where the Australian public trusts you. In some cases it might be with their life. Be prepared to be constantly learning about new diagnostic techniques and treatments as they come along. You will need to update your skills over the course of your career so that you can best serve the people who entrust you with their health.


To read more about the result of this study, check out this website:

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